Meaning and Use of Fingers Crossed in a Sentence

Who and When invented this Saying? What is the Meaning of this Idiom? What can be Used in its Place? Is it a Formal or Informal Figure of Speech?
Use of Fingers Crossed in a Sentence

Fingers crossed is the gesture you have been using when you wish something good to happen. When you are waiting for your results, you often use this figure of speech. You must have read fingers crossed in a sentence once every now and then. Some certain other figures or phrases are also used as fingers crossed synonyms.

1. Meaning of Fingers Crossed 

The idiom can have different meanings depending on the situation. But it is always considered to be used when you are hoping for something and being optimistic about it. For instance, when you are hoping that things will go as you expect them to be or something that you desire will happen for sure. So, when you say what you want and cross your fingers simultaneously, you wish it to happen. And crossing your fingers means you are hoping for good luck. (Also read Go Dawgs Sic Em Meaning)

2. Use in History Lane

  • During the 14th century, it is believed that people developed the gesture. The soldiers wanted luck or wished other people good luck. So, they developed a method to cross their fingers to wish each other luck. (Also read The Interesting History of Alphabet)
  • In Christianity, they used to cross their index fingers with each other to bring luck and ward off evil spirits. Pagans believed that the cross brings good luck and good spirits reside in that intersection.

So, people believe that they can even make a wish while making a cross, and the spirits will help them. They used to pass good vibes with this gesture. Also checkout goodbye etymology.

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3. Instances not to Use Fingers Crossed

  • In German-speaking countries, along with Sweden and Latvia, this figure of speech is not considered a sign of luck. It is a sign of lying. But if you want to wish good luck, you will have to show closed fists while holding thumbs inside them.
  • In Vietnam, it is considered rude if you show a finger-crossed gesture to another person. (Also read Is Dunce A Bad Word?)
  • It is advised that you should not use fingers crossed phrases when you are doing formal communication. This figure of speech is basically informal. So, you can use several other synonyms while communicating formally, and fingers crossed in a sentence should be avoided.

4. Use of Fingers Crossed in a Sentence

You can understand this phrase more accurately from the following sentences.

  • Stay calm and composed while checking your results and keep your fingers crossed, said Sandra.
  • We cannot go anywhere in this snowstorm until morning but keep our fingers crossed.
  • I have done my best during the examinations but let’s keep our fingers crossed now. (Also read I Can See Russia From My House)

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5. Fingers Crossed Synonym

However, the phrase fingers crossed is widely used, but certain words can be used as a substitute for it. These synonyms are as follows:

  • God willing, weather permitting, or possibly.
  • If all goes well or if everything turns out all right.
  • Hopefully, I hope, one would hope, or here’s hope.
  • It is hoped that all will be well, with luck or one will hope.
  • Barring unforeseen circumstances, it is to be hoped that or touch wood. (Also read Different Words for Breasts)

There are many situations when you can use the phrase fingers crossed in a sentence to convey the required meaning. But if you use fingers crossed synonyms, there would also not be much effect or difference. But using the synonym in countries where fingers crossed are considered rude or a sign of lying might put you into trouble. (Also read Mc Vs. Mac Debate)

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