Meaning of Different Colour Roses

How many Types of Roses are there? What is the Meaning of Roses of different colors? What Feelings are they used to Communicate?
Meaning of Different Colour Roses

Flowers are used to express one’s feelings or emotions towards others. However, there is just one type of flower that is used all around the globe as a symbol of love and that flower is roses. Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers and come in a variety of shades. If you are planning to gift your loved one some beautiful flowers, understanding the meaning of different colour roses is important. This article aims to offer all the information on different color roses and their meanings.

1. Language of Flowers

People across the world have been using flowers as a method of communication to convey their unspoken feelings for centuries. This can be seen across the works of William Shakespeare, Greek mythologies, folklores, and plays of Chinese, Romans, Egyptians, etc. In fact, the whole Victorian era was so interested in floriography that nearly everyone had books to decipher this language besides the bible. Read symbolism of roses in literature & myth here.

Here are some interesting facts on floriography:

  • Plants are used to express aversive feelings.
  • If a flower is given upside down, then it conveys the opposite of its traditional meaning.
  • The ribbon which is tied to the flowers also conveys messages. Like if it is tied to the right; then the sentiment is meant for the recipient; if it is tied to the left then it is for the giver. (Also read What do Cherry Blossoms Symbolize?)

2. Different Flowers and their Meanings

As mentioned before, here are the meanings of the most common flowers we use:

  • Chrysanthemum – joy, optimism, and long life
  • Daffodil – regard and chivalry
  • Daisy – innocence, and purity
  • Iris – eloquence
  • Sunflower – pure thoughts, dedication, and adoration

The next segment will focus on the meaning of different colour roses.

3. Meaning of Different Colour Roses

Roses are often associated with romance. However, there are several types of roses and the meaning of different color roses differs from one another.

I. Red Roses

One of the most common and sought-after roses is the red rose. They symbolize passion, energy, and love. If you want to convey your romantic feelings for someone or simply just say that you love them, then these roses are perfect for your choice. Though red roses symbolize love, the shades of roses communicate additional things such as if you give someone a rose that is deep red then you are indicating that you are ready for a serious commitment. (See How to say I love you in Arabic?)

II. Pink Roses

The next one on the list of meaning of different colour roses list is pink rose. Pink roses are a symbol of gentleness and grace. They symbolize elegance, refinement, femineity, and sweetness. While the shade of darker pink symbolizes a token of gratitude, the lighter shades are given for admiration & appreciation.

III. White Roses

Another popular choice of roses is the white ones. These roses are symbols of innocence, loyalty, and purity. According to legends, roses were only bloomed in white until Aphrodite, the goddess of love pricked her thumb in a rose thorn and the blood of Aphrodite turned white roses into red. 

  • These white roses also represent hope, new beginnings, and eternity. Because of this reason, white roses and predominantly used in weddings and important occasions. Hence, white roses are considered great gifts for someone who is starting college, a new job, or a new business.
  • In Christianity, the white roses were associated with Virgin Mary, as they believed white roses symbolized joy and purity. So save these roses for some important occasions. (See How to Practice Self-Love?)

IV. Ivory Roses

Though they look similar in color to white roses, they are more of a cream color and can sometimes be referred to as the color of eggshell. Be careful to gift these to someone because these roses are symbol of charm, style, and thoughtfulness which usually indicates that you care for the person but not just romantically. (See What Does a Rabbit Symbolize?)

Meaning of Different Colour Roses

V. Yellow Roses

  • During Victorian Era and even afterwards, yellow roses represented jealousy and greed. It was discouraged and considered to be a bad idea to gift yellow roses to friends and family.
  • In the 21st century, yellow roses are seen as a symbol of joy, radiance, warmth, and care.

Thus, if you want to brighten up your close friend or someone you care about (not romantically) then, yellow roses are the perfect way to do that. (See What does it mean to be a good friend?)

VI. Green Roses

The color green represents lushness and positive growth. Similarly, green roses are a symbol of growth, fertility, and good spirit. Some people consider green roses as a carrier of money and wealth. If you are going to see a sick friend or someone who’s been recently been low, then giving them green roses is the best way to wish them to recover from illness and have a prosperous life. (See What Are Sakura 🌸?)

VII. Lavender Roses

Lavender roses are unique and beautiful, representing love at first sight. Lavender roses are symbols of enchantment, adoration, and fascination. If you have a crush on someone and they have no clue about it, lavender roses are ideal to let them know that you are interested in them. (See Why do some married or committed people flirt?)

VIII. Peach roses

Peaches are representations of loyalty, gratitude, and appreciation. The roses are used in business ventures and also given to family and friends as a token of gratitude. If you’re planning for a sweet surprise then don’t forget to include peach roses in them.

A darker shade of peach turns out to be orange roses which represent energy and enthusiasm.

IX. Blue and Black roses

While the above roses are products of nature, black and blue roses are man-made beauties.

  • Blue roses represent mystery and illusion. In love, they communicate unattainable love and ultimate desire. Blue roses are great ways to tell someone that you value them and love their personality.
  • Like blue roses, black roses represent mystery and communicate several meanings. Black roses are often used in funerals and events which involve mourning. (See How to look mysterious?)

Meaning of Different Colour Roses

With this, we conclude the meaning of different colour roses. If you want to convey multiple messages at the same time then you can mix and match the roses you want in a bouquet.

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