Longest Home Run Ever Hit

What is Baseball? What is a Home Run and How many Types of Home Runs are there? Who is the Person that hits the Longest Home Run and When? Who are the top 10 Players to score the Longest Home Runs? What are the fastest, slowest, and smallest Home Runs ever?
longest home run ever hit
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According to the estimate mentioned by Top End Sports, baseball has more than 500 million fan bases around the world with the population of the United States being on top. Watching Doraemon made me wonder about the longest home run ever hit and the person who hit the longest home run ever. Well, since we are on the topic, today you will get to know about this along with the farthest home run ever hit.

1. Baseball

It is a bat and ball game that is played between two teams. Each team has 9 members, and they take turns to bat and field. This game emerged from the old versions of bat and ball games played in England during the 19th century. (See What is a Baseball Made of?)

2. Game Play of Baseball

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There are 4 bases in the game that are 4 stones around the pitch. The batter has to hit the ball and then run along with these bases in an anti-clockwise pattern and then reach the home base from where he hit the ball. These bases are named baseball diamonds. If the players from opponent teams catch the ball before the player reaches the home base, the batter is out. (See What are Hat Tricks in Soccer?)

3. Home Run in Baseball

When a batter hits the ball in such a way that he gets time to circle the bases and reach the home plate safely in one play, that hit is known as the home run. A hit is considered a home run when the ball goes over the outfield fence between the foul poles. Or the ball hit any of the foul poles. In the journey to know the longest home run ever hit, here are various names for the home run as baseball fans call it. Long back, big fly, dinger, four-bagger, homer, bomb, jack, blast, round-tripper, and moon shot are among those names. (See What is World Cup of Hockey Hats?)

4. Types of Home Run

A home run can be of two types.

  • Inside the park: This is a hit in which the ball does not reach out of the boundary, but the batter can reach home base safely before the pitcher gets the ball.
  • Out of the park: The ball crosses the territory or the outfield wall without getting into the hands of a fielder. The ball also did not touch the field or get deflected back to the field. Also, check out how to play Checkers and win?

5. Who hit the Longest Home Run ever?

Joey Meyer from Miami played for the Denver Zephyrs on 2-July-1987 against the Buffalo Bison at the Mile High Stadium. He was 25 at that time and has been playing baseball during his college years too. He was always known for his home runs, and he hit almost 91 home runs from 1984 to 1986.

Another player who hit the longest home run ever was during a match on 4-June-1937, Josh Gibson, a catcher on the American Negro baseball team, hit a home run that was roughly measured to be 580 feet. In 1921, George Herman “Babe” Ruth Jr, an American professional baseball player, is credited with hitting a home run of about 575 feet. (See What is a Slam Dunk?)

6. Longest Home Run ever hit

So, on 2-July-1987, Joey Meyer hit the longest home run in the history of baseball by hitting the ball so high that 582 feet, almost touching the roof of the Mile High Stadium. His home run is the longest home run ever hit recorded on a video. (See What is Marathon Distance?)

7. Farthest Home Run ever hit

Giancarlo Cruz-Michael Stanton, popularly known as Mike Stanton, an American professional baseball player is credited with hitting the longest measured home run in 2016. After the installation of Statcast in the stadium this is the longest home run measuring the farthest home run ever hit as 504 feet.  (See How many Rings does Tom Brady have?)

8. Top 10 Players with the Most Home Runs

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There have been various players who put in their records of hitting the most home runs in their career. From highest to lowest home runs hit by the players, here is the list.

  • Berry Bonds, an American baseball player scored 762 home runs
  • Henry Aaron, popularly known as Hank Aaron from America scored 755 home runs
  • Babe Ruth, from New York, scored 714 home runs, some even on the list of the longest home run ever hit
  • Alex Rodriguez a professional player from America scored 696 home runs
  • Albert Pujols, a Dominican Republic baseball player scored 689 home runs
  • Willie Mays a professional American baseball player scored 660 home runs
  • Ken Griffey Jr. a professional player from Donora, USA, has scored 630 home runs
  • Jim Thome a player from Illinois, USA scored 612 home runs
  • Sammy Sosa, a player from the Dominican Republic scored about 609 home runs
  • Frank Robinson was from Texas, USA, and scored 586 home runs. Must read about the best football cards to invest in

9. Smallest Home Run ever

A major league baseball player from Newville, Pennsylvania, Andrew Paul (Pepper) Oyler was playing as a minor in the 1900s. He was playing for the Minnesota Millers when he hit the shortest home run ever that traveled 24 inches (2 feet) only.  (See How Long does the Super Bowl Last?)

10. Fastest Home Run ever

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Giancarlo Cruz-Michael (Mike) Stanton, during a game on 9-August-2018, hit the fastest home run ever. The speed of the home run recorded by the Statcast was 121.7 mph (195.86 km/hour) in Yankee Stadium. It is among the hardest home runs of his career. Then again in a game on 25-July-2020, hit the home run with the speed of 121.3 mph (195.21 km/hour). (See In baseball, what does “tipping pitches” mean?)

11. Slowest Home Run Hit ever

A professional baseball player from Venezuela, Willians Astudillo, popularly known as La Tortuga and Big Sexy, is credited with the title of hitting the slowest home run ever. Other than the longest home run ever hit here is the slowest. During a game in 2008, he hit the matzo ball at a speed of 47 mph (75.63 km/hour), which is the slowest hit home run as per the data of Statcast.

However, the list got updated in June 2022 as the one hit by Frank Schwindel is the slowest MLB pitch to ever get hit for a home run and it is 35.1 mph. This is during a match in which the Yankees got its lead over Chicago by 18-4 Must read how do you play Lacrosse?

12. Smallest Game ever

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Up till now, you know that a baseball match lasts for nearly about 3 hours (180 minutes). Have you ever thought of a game that was the shortest? During Minor League games in the early 1900s, something strange happened. In 1910, the game between the Mobile Seagulls and Atlanta Crackers lasted only 32 minutes. Another game was held in 1916, between the Winston-Salem Twins and the Asheville Tourists, the game ended merely for 31 minutes. Also, check out What’s a Brace in Soccer?

So, today you got to know about the longest home run ever hit and who hit the longest home run ever. Well, it is something that can be tricky for everyone because the farthest home run ever hit is the one hit by Stanton that everyone remembers. Share and ask your friends and family if they know anything more about this topic. (Also read How much does an Nfl Mascot make?)

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