List of Names for Groups of Animals

What is a Group of Lions Called? What is the Collective Noun for Kangaroos? What Group of Animals is called a Congress? What Group of Animals is called an Embarrassment?
list of names for groups of animals

There are certain species of animals who live and hunt individually in their natural habitats. At the same time, some other species form a group to live and hunt with. There are different interesting animal group names. Have you ever wondered what a group of lions is called? Let’s find out the list of names for groups of animals and different animals collective noun along with their natural habitats.

1. List of Names for Groups of Animals

To start with, here are 10 animal group names you might like to learn about:

  • A shrewdness of apes,
  • An army of caterpillars,
  • A colony of beavers,
  • A herd of antelopes,
  • A swarm of bees,
  • A band of coyotes,
  • A float or bask of crocodiles,
  • A pack of wolves,
  • A flamboyance of Flamingos, and
  • A drift or parcel of hogs. Also, check out what is a one Hump Camel called?

2. What is a Group of Lions Called?

If you are looking for the name of the group of lions in the list above, let’s answer your question here. A group of lions with a female majority is generally called a pride, while a male group of lions is called a coalition. Generally, prides exist more than coalitions in nature. This is because of the constant competition for powerful males as mates. (See What is a Female Lion Called?)

3. Why is a Group of Lions called Pride?

list of names for groups of animals 2

A pride of lions consists mostly of female lions and their young ones within a group of 20 members. While naming the animals collective nouns, the quality or vices of the animals concerned were considered. The reason behind a group of lions being called pride is that lions are considered regal and of high status, and the King of Jungle will always be considered royal. (See 10 Interesting Facts About Sea Lions)

4. What happens to Females When a Pride is taken over?

Female lions mostly stay in a pride forever, while the male lions of the group stay for about four to five years. After this, they get evicted, and other males take over. When other males take over the pride, they kill the existing cubs so that the next generation only carries their genes. This is why only a few male lions grow up to adulthood and become kings of the jungle. (See What Symbolizes Bravery?)

5. Group of Tigers is Called?

If you think the pride of lions is a weird name for a group of lions, think again. This is because a group of tigers is called a streak. Due to their nature of attacking from a hiding place, a group of tigers is also called an ambush. But in most cases, tigers stay and hunt in solitude. The groups are formed when the cubs are young and stay close to a tigress. When the tigers grow up, they split ways to hunt and survive alone. (See How strong is a Tiger compared to a Human?)

6. What is Group of Cheetahs Called?

Similar to a male group of lions, a group of cheetahs is also called a coalition. Coalitions are mostly made of not more than 3 to 4 male animals who are related by blood. In rare cases, a coalition would be formed with unrelated males, i.e., friends. Cheetahs form coalitions to protect their territory from external invasion. Must read what is the Largest Wolf?

7. What is a Group of Elephants?

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Elephants are considered the most intelligent animals on earth. Though huge, elephants live in large family groups to protect their young ones and teach them survival tricks. The family group of elephants is called a herd. A herd consists of all the mother elephants and their babies. The actively mating male elephants also stay in the herds, making about 6 to 12 elephants in one family group. However, female elephants stay in the herd forever. (See 20 Largest Zoo in the World)

8. What do you call a Group of Deer?

Deer are mostly seen moving in groups due to their large number of predators. Similar to elephants and antelopes, groups of deer are generally called herds. A herd mostly consists of female deer (does) and their fawns. The male deer (stags/bucks) are temporary members who stay in a herd for a few mating seasons. A group of roe deer is called a bevy. (See What is a Herd of Moose Called?)

9. What is the Name for a Group of Lizards?

Surprisingly enough, a group of lizards is named a lounge because they lounge under the sun on tree barks and soil. Only 20 out of 6,000 lizard species live in groups. Most lizards who lay eggs do that in seclusion and bury their eggs indefinitely. The ones which give birth to live young ones tend to live in groups with their babies. Monitor lizards have a different collective name, which is a bank. (See What Name Is Given To A Group Of Chickens?)

10. What is the Collective Noun for Kangaroos?

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Kangaroos are social animals who like living in large family groups. A group of kangaroos living together is called a mob. Their primary predators are foxes, wild dogs, feral cats, and dingoes. Kangaroos live in mobs of 10 or more members to protect the weaker or younger members from their predators. Kangaroos are collectively also called court or troop. (See What is the Scientific Name for Pig?)

11. What is the Collective Noun for Peacocks?

Peacocks are the most beautiful and unique bird species in the world. Similar to their uniqueness, they have achieved some group names for various reasons. They are as follows:

  • Ostentation of peacocks: A peacock has a distinctly long tail lifted and flaunted during mating courtship. In most cases, rainfall makes them do a spectacular dance showing their beautiful tails. The scenery is described as ostentatious. Hence, the name, ostentation of peacocks emerged.
  • Pride of peacocks: A group of peacocks has rightly been named a pride because of how proudly the male peacocks flaunt and quiver their fan-like tails. Thus, they are called pride.
  • Muster of peacocks: The word muster is commonly associated with a group of males ready for battle, inspection, or display. Though male peacocks do not battle, they are always on display to attract females. Therefore, they are also called muster.
  • Harem of peacocks: Peacocks are known to follow polygyny. This means the males can mate with multiple females, but each female has to choose just one male to mate and stay with. As a result, the groups of more than 3 peahens are formed around a single peacock, and such groups are called harem. (See What are the Best Monkeys for Pets?)

12. What is the Collective Noun for Whales?

Whales are the biggest mammals living on earth. They are evenly intelligent and social beings. A pod is the most common collective noun used for a group of whales. They are also referred to as a game, a herd, or a school of whales. A group of whales usually consists of 2 to 30 whales mostly related to each other, like females and their young ones. The males are temporary members of such groups. They usually stay in a group to mate with the females and protect the herd from being attacked like deep-sea sharks. (See How Big Is the Biggest Whale)

13. What Group of Animals is called a Congress?

Congress is a term used to describe a group of individuals who meet from different nations or cultures to exchange ideas and information. So, if a group of salamanders, ravens, and crows are called congress each, you can probably understand why. These animals migrate to different places and form groups interacting with other animals of the same kind. (See What is a group of Ravens called?)

14. What Group of Animals is called an Embarrassment?

list of names for groups of animals 4

Pandas are the cutest members of the bear family. They munch on about 40 pounds of bamboo shoots for 16 hours each day and sleep the rest of the time. That’s why they are so chubby and soft. There is no logical explanation for why a group of pandas is called an embarrassment, but they are called so. Maybe, the term is associated with a panda’s clumsy nature. They are also referred to as a bamboo of pandas or a cupboard of pandas. (See Where do Red Pandas live in USA?)

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