Lights Out Movie Explanation

Lights Out (2016): Plot Summary | Lights Out movie review & film summary (2016)
  1. Young Sophie met Diana

    Sophie, Maria Bello, went to a mental institution when she was young. She made a friend there called Diana who had a weird skin disorder that made her sensitive to light.

  2. Diana died in the mental institution

    The doctors tried to treat Diana’s skin problem. The Doctors tried an experiment on her but she died as a result.

  3. Diana haunted Sophie

    After Diana died she haunted Sophie and lived inside her mind. Diana comes back when Sophie is at her worst mental state.

  4. Diana killed Sophie’s husbands

    Diana killed Sophie’s previous husband then killed her current husband Paul. Diana wanted to keep Sophie for herself and this is why she killed her husbands.

  5. Sophie couldn’t see things clearly

    Because Sophie was depressed and mentally disturbed, she couldn’t realize the fact that Diana was an evil ghost. Sophie believed that Diana was a friend. The fact that Sophie didn’t take her medications made things worse.

  6. Rebecca and Martin uncovered the mystery

    Diana started appearing to Martin and Rebecca who shortly understood what was going on. They tried to turn Sophie’s attention to the fact that she is talking to a ghost but she didn’t listen. (See The Boy (2016) Movie Explanation)

  7. Sophie killed herself

    Sophie realized that Diana is evil and that she can’t exist without her. Sophie killed herself to Force Diana to disappear and to save her children.

  8. Diana disappered

    After Sophie killed herself, Diana couldn’t exist because her existence was based on Sophie’s soul. (See Collateral Beauty Movie Explanation)

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