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What is Zentangle? Who invented it? How to make a Zentangle? What are the benefits of Zentangle Art Therapy?
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Every person is engulfed in some sort of stress, depression, and mental health issues. We may not fully accept this fact, but it is true. Several methods have been discovered from ancient times to cope with these situations and soothe up mind and soul. We all know about and must have already tried yoga, exercising, aerobics, and meditations. But little do we know that art can also be a way of relaxing our minds. Yes, there is one such art known as Zentangle art therapy. So today, we will learn about Zentangle history and how to Zentangle.

1. What is a Zentangle?

It is an American form of art and doodling. It is a method of drawing that promotes concentration and creativity. As the name itself has the term tangle in it, we simply have to put different patterns and drawings together so that they look like they are entangled together.

  • It is a free-form art that consists of balls, cones, lines, points, circles, curves, and mess.
  • Zentangle is drawn on a Zentangle tile which is 9 cm by 9 cm in dimensions.
  • This drawing looks the same no matter from which angle it is being viewed.

There is no fixed pattern for making a Zentangle. A person’s intuition leads the way while they draw on the tile, and whatever the result is, it is known as a Zentangle. (See What is Pointillism Art?)

2. What is the Origin of Zentangle?

The name was selected after proper research and consideration.

  • The word Zen is derived from Zen meditation, a Buddhist meditation technique. It is done by sitting in a lotus position with legs crossed to achieve perfection in attention. It is also known as Zazen.
  • And the latter half, tangle which means confused.

If we combine both, it means focusing on the confusion. After the invention of the Zentangle, anything which is drawn on small paper tiles or designed with color in similar patterns is referred to as Zentangle Inspired Art or ZIA or Zen doodle. But doodle is not the same as Zentangle. (See Trick or Treat Origin)

3. What is Zentangle History?

This exceptional art form is a different piece of perfection that was invented by Rick Roberts, a former monk. He discovered this art form with an artist named Maria Thomas in 2004. Rick was a multi-skilled practitioner and had life-long experience in meditation and life-long living. And Maria was a highly skilled calligrapher. They together joined forces to create this art form with calming benefits. (See 10 Interesting Bob Ross Facts)

4. How to Zentangle?

A person is free to follow their own philosophy without any barrier or fear of being judged. But for starters, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Gather items like a pencil, felt-tip pen, paper, colors like crayons, pencil, oil paints, markers, etc. and some random patterns for references.
  • Measure paper outline up to 3 inches in width and draw an outline square or circle border. Traditionally, they used three-and-a-half-inch square tiles made from special paper for zentangling.
  • With a pen or pencil, draw some strings that will be like intersections inside the square box. It is like simply dividing it into sections with no measurements.
  • Choose a section to begin drawing any pattern in it. These patterns can be anything like fish scales, rings, slanting lines, checks, etc. Fill each section with a pattern or draw the same pattern in two sections.
  • In the how to Zentangle guide, the next step is to continue to make patterns until every section is completely covered with them.
  • If you want, can color patterns and sections with the color of our choice. It is up to you which type of colors you choose. (See What’s The Difference Between Turquoise And Teal?) Alternately, you can also shade the patterns with a pencil.
  • Do not use an eraser to improve or correct anything in the drawing. There is nothing like correction in a piece of art. Art is simply a form of expression and zentangling is a form of meditation.
  • Follow your heart without thinking too much about your drawing or coloring. The idea is to drown yourself into it to let out your stress.

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5. Why should you learn How to Zentangle?

Well, there is no particular reason to learn a new skill just better utilization of time & development of new hobbies. It is worth a shot as it is a form of stress reliever and not a pressure boulder. And Zentangle is one easy skill to learn and master because there are a lot of resources available over the internet for help and reference. Once we enter this world of how to Zentangle with various shapes, lines, and patterns, we slowly learn and develop. (See How Do You Play The Sitar?)

  • You do not have to put in too much time or money.
  • Rules or some particular measurements do not bind us.
  • You are free to draw and enjoy, which lets us create a new art piece every time.
  • You have lots of options of colors, designs, and the size of the paper to choose from.
  • And who does not like some extra income. Yes, you can earn through your piece of art by exhibiting it on social media handles or nearby stationery stores.

Once you have gained enough confidence in doing it, you can also teach others and help people struggling with stress. (See Why is The Mona Lisa So Expensive?)

6. What are the Benefits of Zentangle Art Therapy?

Art, in itself, is a form of therapy. It may be music, painting, dancing, singing, or drawing. Each has its own benefits. The major advantage of learning how to Zentangle is that it is relaxing and fun at the same time.

  • We learn the art of patience while doing it. After doing it for some time, we will learn to be more creative in it.
  • It also acts as an inspiration for us as well as for others too.
  • It also helps in resolving insomnia and proves beneficial in modifying our behaviors.
  • It is like a warm-up for many artists and improves hand-eye coordination.
  • It acts as a method for anger management.
  • Moreover, it increases the problem-solving capabilities of our minds.
  • After successfully creating a piece of zentangle, we feel a rush of self-esteem within us.
  • It is not time-bound and lets us explore our creativity in our comfort zone.

So now that you know how Zentangle art therapy helps and how to Zentangle, include your friends & family and start zentangling today! (Also read 9 Funny Prank Call Ideas)

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