20 Largest Zoo in the World

What is a Zoo? Which was the first Zoo? Which is the Largest Zoo by area? Where are the other Largest Zoos in the World?
20 Largest Zoo in the World

Ever since the human population increased, wildlife habitats have been destroyed at an alarming rate. With time, when humans realized they should return what they took from nature, they set up zoos to safeguard the animals. Today I will tell you about the largest zoo, the worlds largest zoo, and the largest zoo in the world by area.

What is Zoo?

The term zoo is a short form for Zoological Garden. It is also known as an animal park or menagerie. It is a place where wild animals are kept in cages for public display, conservation, or study. A zoo can be a garden or park. (See How many Animals are there in the World?)

What is the first Public Zoo?

In 1828, the London Zoological Garden was opened for scientific study. At that time, it was known as the Gardens and Menagerie of the Zoological Society of London. Later on, it was opened for public visits in 1847. (See What is the Largest Cattle Ranch in The United States?)

Which is the Worlds largest Zoo?

Every country has different species of animals and to conserve them they have different types of national reserves and zoos. Some are too big while others are just average. Not every zoo has a collection of all wild animals. The Wilds, situated in Cumberland, Ohio in the United States of America, is counted as the largest zoo in the world by area. It is a non-profit safari park and conservation center. It includes educational programs and conservation science programs as well. It opened in 1994 and has a land area of 9,154 acres (37.04 square kilometers or 3,704 hectares). The below names are some of the largest zoo in the world, and the names are given in descending order (largest to the smallest zoo). (Also read Why are Zoos important?)

1. Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park, Andhra Pradesh, India


The S.V. zoo is famous for its mythological theme. It has a land area of 5,532-acre (2,239-hectare) and is known as the largest zoo in Asia. It houses various birds and animal species. (See Can Parrots really Talk?)

2. North Carolina Zoo, North Carolina, United States of America

It is famous for its attractions like Expedition Africa and Kaleidoscope Butterfly Garden. The zoo has a forest area of 2600 acres (1,052 hectares) out of which 500 acres (202 hectares) of land have been developed. There are 1800 animals from 250 different species in this zoo. Must read the 10 Interesting Facts About Sea Lions.

3. The Living Desert Zoo & Botanical Gardens, California, United States of America

It has several attractions, including feeding the giraffes and camel connection. It has a land area of 1,800 acres (730 hectares) of the Sonoran Desert where various endangered species are conserved. (See What is the Largest Wolf?)

4. San Diego Zoo Safari Park, California, United States of America

Red Panda in San Deigo zoo: largest zoo 1

This zoo provides its visitors with various safari options. It has housed almost 3500 animals in a land area of 1,800 acres (730 hectares) and for animals from different parts of the world, it is full of fascinating zones. Also, check out where do Red Pandas live in USA?

5. Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Tamil Nadu, India

This zoo has a land area of 1,265-acre (602-hectare) where it houses 2700 animals from 171 species. Also, there is a 228-acre and 92.5-hectare animal rehabilitation center adjacent to it. (See What’s Bigger Crocodile Or Alligator?)

6. Nandankanan Zoological Park & Botanical Gardens, Odisha, India

It is a part of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums and is known for its reptile collection. It is spread over 1,080 acres (437 hectares) and about 3500 animals live in it. (See 4 No Stripe Zebra Facts)

7. Como Zoo, Minnesota, United States of America

In the list of largest zoos, it is also a conservatory facility along with being a zoo. It is spread over 759-acre (307-hectare) with about 0.5 acres of Marjorie McNeely Conservatory, a glass center that showcases different garden and flower styles of nature. (See 7 Chupacabra Animal Facts)

8. Zoo Miami, Miami, North America

It has a land area of 750 acres (304 hectares) out of which about 324 acres (131 hectares) are only developed. It houses more than 3000 animals from 500 different species and is also known as Miami-Dade Zoological Park or Miami Metro Zoo. (See Why do Penguins not Fly?)

9. Toronto Zoo, Toronto. Canada

It is among the top 10 zoos in the world and is the largest zoo in Canada with a land area of 710 acres (287 hectares). It has 7-dedicated regions, each aimed at giving you animal experiences from all over the world through animal enrichment shows and a private tour, Adopt an Animal. Must read 14 Interesting Facts about Mammals.

10. Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, Andhra Pradesh, India

This zoo is 625 acres (253 hectares) in the area and is surrounded by mountains. It is a part of the Kambalakonda reserve forests, near the Bay of Bengal and researches animals and plants. It has attractions like Nocturnal House and Bioscope Wildlife Education Center. (See What is the Biggest Thing on Earth?)

11. Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Ohio, United States of America

It has an area of 580 acres (234 hectares) where it houses 7000 animals from 800 different species belonging to Asia, Africa, and North America. It is a non-profit zoo with various attractions and activities for visitors. (See What Animal has the Longest Pregnancy?)

12. Assam State Zoo and Botanical Garden, Assam, India

A rhino in a shed: largest zoo 5

In the list of largest zoos, it has a land area of 432.4 acres (175 hectares) and it is a part of the Hengrabari Reserve Forest. It houses a wide range of exotic wild animals from 38 different species. Also, it has a nocturnal house and an aviary (a structure for the keeping of captive birds), along with a botanical division. (See What is a Herd of Moose Called?)

13. Nehru Zoological Park, Telangana, India

This zoo covers an area of 380 acres (153.8 hectares) and more than 1100 animals from 100 species are kept in the sanctuary. It houses birds along with animals and also has an artificial day-night reversal system which enables the visitors to see the nocturnal animals too. (See  How Do Porcupines Attack?)

14. The Bronx Zoo, New York, United States of America

It is one of the oldest metropolitan zoos and is famous for its display of natural habitats of animals. It has a land area of about 265 acres (107.24 hectares) and it houses more than 4000 animals of different species. It is among the largest zoos in the United States of America. (See How Fast Are Crocodiles on Land?)

15. Beijing Zoo, Beijing, China

This zoo has existed since the late Qing dynasty and has an area of 220-acre (89-hectare). It houses more than 14,500 animals from 950 species out of which there are 400 land animals and 500 marine animals. It also holds the largest aquarium in China. (See Where do Cows Live?)

16. Brookfield Zoo, Chicago, United States of America

In the list of largest zoos, this zoo is spread over 215 acres (87 hectares) of land and houses 2300 animals from 450 different species it is also known as Chicago Zoological Park. This zoo uses moats (a deep, broad ditch, either dry or filled with water) instead of cages to protect the animals. (See What is the Scientific Name for Pig?)

17. National Zoological Gardens of Africa, Pretoria, South Africa

largest zoo

This zoo is famous for its largest antelope collection in the world with a land area of about 210 acres (84.99 hectares). It also consists of rich African wildlife and houses having a total of 9000 animals from 700 different species. The Apies River flows through the zoo and separates the steep northern side from the flat plains. (See What are the Best Monkeys for Pets?)

18. National Zoological Park, New Delhi, India

This zoo is located inside a 16th-century citadel (a type of fortress) and covers a land area of 176 acres (71 hectares). There are 1,350 animals from 127 different species. This zoo also runs various programs for conserving animals. (See (See What Animal Eats Bananas?)

19. Riverbanks Zoo & Garden, California, United States of America

This is not just a zoo but it also includes botanical gardens and aquariums on a land area of 170 acres (68.80 hectares). It houses various species of birds, elephants, and other animals. Must read 9 Differences between Mule and Donkey

20. Smithsonian National Zoological Park, Washington DC, United States of America

A group of flamingoes: largest zoo 3

In the list of largest zoos, this park occupies a land area of 163 acres (66 hectares) where it has a reptile discovery center, birdhouse, cheetah conservation center, and much more. This park organizes camps, school programs, and even birthday parties to encourage people to learn about animals and their conservation. Must read 6 Stork Delivery Facts.

Today you got to know about the worlds largest zoo and the largest zoo in the world by area. It is time to share this wild information about the largest zoo with your friends and family to plan your next visit to the nearest zoo. (See Why are zoos bad for animals?)

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