Examples of Kiss Me Under The Mistletoe Quotes

What is the Mistletoe Christmas Tradition? What are the Popular Mistletoe Quotes? What is meant by Mistletoe in Doorway?
kiss me under the mistletoe quotes

There are several famous examples of kiss me under the mistletoe quotes. These quotes are generally used to represent the auspicious and romantic background of mistletoe. Many people are known to have had their first kiss under the mistletoe. Several mistletoe quotes act as a sign for the kiss. A mistletoe is therefore a symbol of love and passion, along with friendship and solidarity. You will learn today about kiss me under the mistletoe quotes along with the mistletoe Christmas tradition and mistletoe in doorway tradition as you continue reading this article.

1. Origin of the First Kiss under the Mistletoe

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Some historians hope that the relationship between the mistletoe and the kiss originated in ancient Norse mythology. In line with the fascinating variety of myths, Baldur is killed with the help of an enemy arrow made of mistletoe. Her mother, the goddess Frigga, wept looking at the arrow and her tears were converted into white berries that she positioned on Baldur’s wound, thus, bringing him back to life. Unable to control her joy, Frigga blessed the mistletoe plant and promised a kiss to everyone who passed by.

Although Baldur’s myth is often cited as the first connection between mistletoe and romance, various historians point out that many versions of Baldur’s story end well in another way. In those stories, it is mentioned that Baldur dies and was not resurrected. Considering the age of these legends, it is possible that interesting translations were made over the years, influencing the cultures of future mistletoe. All these stories led to the writings of, kiss me under the mistletoe quotes. (Also read Origin of an Ogre)

2. Culture of Mistletoe

Mistletoe culture has developed considerably over the years. In the past, for example, during traffic, passengers used to kiss the person in charge’s hand under the mistletoe after arrival. Since then, cultures have grown to become very secretive. Today, any couple caught standing under mistletoe should be put together for a romantic blast. The mistletoe is hence considered to be auspicious and is known to keep the couple together forever. (See What is a Passionate Kiss?)

3. Mistletoe Christmas Tradition

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The practice of hanging out in a house is said to be a part of Druid history. It is also intended to have supernatural powers that convey good fortune to the family and cast out evil spirits. In Norse mythology, it was transformed and used as a symbol of love and friendship. When the early Christians arrived in Western Europe, few tried to prevent the use of mistletoe as an ornament in churches because of the many ancient myths about it. Still many insist on using it. York Minster Church in the United Kingdom used to hold a special mistletoe service during the winter when perpetrators from the city of York could come for forgiveness.

Mistletoe, however, is a poisonous plant and can cause several problems if eaten in large quantities. Therefore, nowadays, plastic or synthetic mistletoe is used to protect children and pets during Christmas celebrations. (See What Does Merry Christmas Mean?)

4. Culture of Mistletoe in Doorway

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Once again Baldur’s story is discussed adding a different touch to it. Frigga, the goddess of love and marriage, loved her son Baldur so much that when he and Baldur’s wife reunited, they made all the plants and animals of the earth promise not to harm them.

However, the promise was given by all the flowers, except the mistletoe. There are many stories related to mistletoe. Loki, the evil god and strange brother of Thor, known by the Marvel lovers, once pulled out a spear with mistletoe and killed Baldur. At the end of it, everything comes to a sad turn as Frigga mourned the loss of her son and her tears turned into mistletoe berries.  Those berries somehow introduced Baldur back to life, so Frigga said mistletoe is a picture of love. It is said that mistletoe is seen hanging from your doors as a reminder not to ignore love and understand what it symbolizes. Kiss me under the mistletoe quotes are made so that you kiss under it to remember the love shared by Frigga and her son, Baldur. But at Christmas time, mistletoe is not only a symbol of a mother’s love but also all sorts of affection and attachments. (Also read Use of Fingers Crossed in a Sentence)

5. Kiss me under the Mistletoe Quotes

Here are a few popular mistletoe quotes.

  • Candy cane wishes and mistletoe kisses,
  • What happens under the mistletoe, stays under the mistletoe,
  • Baby, It’s Cold Outside,
  • The snuggle is real under the mistletoe,
  • Keep calm and kiss me under the mistletoe,
  • Kissing you makes sweater weather much better,
  • If kisses were snowflakes, I’d send you a blizzard,
  • Let’s escape to somewhere warmer, and kiss under the palm trees like they’re mistletoe,
  • We go together like winter, mistletoe, and a sweater. (Also read Examples of Famous Acrostic Poems)

So, today you learned about the kiss me under the mistletoe quotes and the mistletoe Christmas tradition. Therefore, you now know the beauty and extravagance of mistletoes. It is all generated from an ancient myth and now everyone believes this to be an auspicious tradition. (See Go to the John Meaning)

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