Is There a Way to Find out What Time the Mail is Delivered to my House?

What time is mail delivered to my address? Find out what you’re getting in the mail before it’s delivered!
Is There a Way to Find out What Time the Mail is Delivered to my House?
  1. Services Offered by United States Postal Services

    US Postal Services offers a free service which is known as ‘Informed Delivery’. This service facilitates the end-users to get informed about their packages and mail being sent to their address. Moreover, it also enables customers to get email notifications.

  2. US Postal Services keep all the details

    Even if you have not opted for an ‘informed delivery’ service, it is always scanning copies of your incoming mail. It offers two features you can access online:

    • ‘Mailpieces’ tab provides you with information about the scanned copies of the front of any letters that are about to arrive in your mailbox. Once the mail is delivered, they appear until seven days on this dashboard.
    • ‘Packages’ tab informs you about the delivery, whether the mail is dispatched or the day you will receive it. Once after the delivery, the packages last 15 days on this dashboard.
  3. How can I find out what time the mail is delivered to my house?

    To keep track, you need to be fully aware of the rotation cycle. It implies the time allotted to the postman for a particular route. The second important thing that you should know beforehand is the sortation time. The sortation time pattern depends upon the route postman tends to follow as per the route load and incoming material scheduling.

    The time for coffee or lunch have to be excluded, and the arriving time should be calculated at a regular time plus or minus an hour (approximately).

  4. How can UPS and FedEx help in getting to know about the delivery time of the mail?

    1. UPS

    UPS offers ‘UPS My Choice’ is a free service that enables you to show what time the packages will be arriving at your home. Moreover, you can also track the package information.
    Opting, for its premium service, has many additional benefits. These privileges include getting an option to schedule a delivery for the next day or to some different address. You will also get a text message when the package is dispatched, and when it is on the way to delivery, and even get the final message on the day, it is delivered.

    2. FedEx

    FedEx offers a similar service that can be signed up for free, ‘FedEx Delivery Manager.’ You can track information for the packages that are about to deliver to your address. Using the online dashboard, you can even provide delivery instructions and order FedEx to hold the package at the nearby location (in case you are not at home) pick it up later yourself.
    It also provides an option to receive notifications via emails or text messages. Similar to the service offered by UPS, it addresses the first time before the day of delivery, on the day of delivery, and sends a final message at the time your package is delivered.

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