Is Seven Really a Lucky Number?

Why is number 7 considered to be a lucky number? Is number 7 special?
Is Seven Really a Lucky Number?
  1. Lucky numbers

    When you ask a group of people to think of a lucky number from 0 to 10, the maximum people would think of number 7. Even individuals who are not number people would opt for the number 7. There are a lot of religions and cultures where the number is considered to be lucky. In fact, a few scientists claim that there are a lot of interesting properties about this number, which makes it so appealing.

  2. Why is this number considered to be lucky?

    There are loads of reasons associated with number 7 being lucky such as there are seven days in a week, seven colours in a rainbow, 7 seven continents, 7 worlds of wonder. Furthermore, snow-white ran off to live with seven dwarfs; Sindbad, the Sailor, had seven voyages. Shakespeare described the seven ages of a man and many more.

  3. It has been important since ancient times

    There is a strong connection between the number seven and history as there are Seven Wonders of the World which everyone aspires to visit one day.

  4. It is related to a lot of religions. Such as it being said that God made the world in six days and rested the seventh day, we rest on the seventh day of the week. In both Judaism and The Koran, there are seven heavens. Also, Muslim pilgrims walk around the Kaaba in Mecca seven times. In Hinduism, too, there are seven higher worlds.

  5. No.7 in Chinese culture

    In traditional Chinese culture, seven represents the combination of Yin, Yang, and five elements (water, fire, metal, wood, and earth). This combination tells the concept of harmony in Confucianism. This number has a close connection with kindness and beauty, so it stands for Tao in Chinese Taoism.

  6. Numerology 7 and its power

    Many people consider their date of birth as their lucky number, but as per numerology, the number 7 is said to be universally lucky. This is one of the significant reasons why people use this number on many auspicious occasions or work.

  7. It matches our memory capacity

    As per a professor, George Miller of Harvard University, most people can remember approximately seven information items in their short-term memory. This is one of the reasons why phone numbers in most of the countries were of seven digits.

  8. It is a prime number

    Prime numbers are the ones that can be divided just by themselves or number 1. These numbers are considered unique, and seven is the first prime number from 1-10, making it n optimal prime number.

  9. Positive energy

    As per research, it has been observed that nothing matches this number’s spirituality and has a remarkable effect on people who use it efficiently.

  10. Repetitive

    If you see number seven repeatedly in your way or any indication towards it, then you should not take it lightly. These repetitive appearances of the same number are believed to be indications of the future.

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