Is Qnet a scam

QNet is a chain where a person is fooled | Is Qnet a scam?
  1. No

    A large number of people have joined Qnet and got their commission on time. The fact that the company always results in controversy makes people believe that it’s a scam.

  2. A normal company that uses MLM

    Qnet is a normal company that sells products. The way it sells its products, however, depends on network marketing instead of direct ads.

  3. Payments always arrive

    When a person gets the required number of people, he receives an E-cheque. This cheque can be directly transferred to any bank account. People who joined Qnet said that the money always arrived on time.

  4. Products always arrive

    The people who joined Qnet said that the products they ordered always arrived. The fact that some people consider the products useless has nothing to do with product delivery or arrival.

  5. The vacation products are real

    Some Qnet members used the vacations they booked through the company and didn’t report any problems.

  6. The firm is profitable

    The firm makes a large amount of money and only pays a fraction of the income to people in the form of commissions. (See Why do people fall victim to scams?)

  7. Customer service replies back

    The customer service of Qnet was contacted many times regarding different issues, and it always replied back to people.

  8. The company is in operation since 1998

    The company has been in operation since 1998.

  9. The company exists in many countries

    The company exists in many countries and its operations have been carried out in most of them without problems.

  10. Why some countries ban it

    Countries ban Qnet for different reasons. The most common are preventing money from leaving the country, preventing it from affecting the economy and labeling it as a pyramid scheme. (See Why some countries banned Qnet?)

  11. Earning a commission is hard

    A person has to work very hard to get his very first cheque. The fact that earning the first cheque is hard makes some people believe that the company is a scam.

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