Is Making Hydroxyquinoline at Home Safe?

What is Hydroxyquinoline and its Properties? Is Quinine and Hydroxyquinoline the same? What are its Uses? Is it used in Animal Treatment or Human Cosmetics? How to make Hydroxyquinoline at Home? 
is making hydroxyquinoline at home safe

Your childhood was full of outdoor games along with lots of cuts and scratches. Once your mother put on a band-aid, you were good to go. But do you know when the bandage was launched? It was an invention made out of a husband’s love for his wife. Earle Dickson, a Johnson & Johnson employee, invented a safety covering for his wife in 1920, that later came to be known as a bandage. However, we now have liquid bandages. Well, today, you will see how to make hydroxyquinoline at home and is making hydroxyquinoline at home safe. Also, various steps to take for hydroxyquinoline sulfate safety will be discussed below.

1. What is Hydroxyquinoline Sulfate?

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A chelating (heterocyclic compound) that is used for the quantitative determination of metal ions is known as hydroxyquinoline sulfate. It has properties like antiseptic, pesticide, and disinfectant, and it can function as a transcription inhibitor. It is also known by the name 8-Hydroxyquinoline Sulfate U.S.P. (United States Pharmacopoeia). (See Top 10 Smokeless Tobacco Brands)

2. What are the Properties of Hydroxyquinoline?

  • It is a yellow molecular powder that has a faint smell of saffron.
  • It is slightly hygroscopic and highly water-soluble.
  • It can be easily dissolved even in cold water. It does not dissolve completely in alcohol and other organic solvents.

To know whether is making hydroxyquinoline at home safe or not, read till the end of this article. Must read How does Calcium Chloride react with Chlorine?

3. Is Quinine and Hydroxyquinoline the Same?

No, both are different compounds.

  • Quinine is a pharmaceutical drug, basically, an alkaloid that is derived from the cinchona bark. It is found in a bitter and colorless powder form.
  • But hydroxyquinoline is an anti-malarial drug used to reduce inflammation in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. 

4. What are its Uses?

The main purpose of using this compound is to treat parasitic infections. Malaria, leishmania (kala azar), and amoebic dysentery are caused by parasites and can be treated with hydroxyquinoline sulfate. However, the quinine pills were given to soldiers to mix with water and drink the solution to protect themselves from malaria. It can be used as an analgesic, antibacterial, antispasmodic, antiseptic, bactericide, febrifuge, insecticide, fungicide, antiviral, anesthetic, anti-arrhythmic, cytotoxic, nerve (nerve health relief), etc. (See Which Solvent is Needed to Remove an Oil Spot?)

5. Where is it used as a Primary Material?

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Before getting to know- is making hydroxyquinoline at home safe, take a look at the following uses of hydroxyquinoline.

  • It was used as a reagent (a chemical agent used in chemical reactions) to stabilize the highly explosive hydrogen peroxide in the rocket fuel oxidizers.
  • Its hydrogen derivatives are derived and utilized and used as anti-infective agents in various medicines and drugs.
  • It is the primary ingredient used in the synthesis of the organic light emitting diodes, tris (8-hydroxyquinolinato) aluminum.
  • It is used in lotions and hygiene products for vaginal health. It helps in maintaining healthy pH (Potential of Hydrogen) levels in the vagina and prevents bacterial growth that leads to bad odors. 

6. Is it used in Animal Treatments?

Yes, it is used in animal medicines, it acts as a stabilizing agent for serums and vaccines. (See Are Nootropics Safe?)

Besides answering whether is making hydroxyquinoline at home safe or not, take a look at the use of hydroxyquinoline in veterinary medicines.

  • As an antiseptic in artificial insemination techniques,
  • As a fungicide that is harmless to the intestinal flora, and
  • As a disinfectant for stables that are contaminated with brucellosis

7. What are the Uses of Hydroxyquinoline in Cosmetics?

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Since it is not harmful it can be used by many:

  • As a deodorant and antiperspirant,
  • As an antiseptic in ointments and creams used for skin treatment,
  • As an antiseptic in hair products like hair lotions, and
  • As a stabilizing agent for oxygenated water solutions.

8. How to Use Hydroxyquinoline?

You should take advice from the doctor, first. And after that, if you are on hydroxyquinoline medication or treatments, you should follow the dosage prescribed to you. It is advised to take it with or after food. You should not discontinue it out of the blue without proper medical consultation. Mostly, the directions for usage are mentioned on the label, but your doctor may change the dose for better results. (See Marijuana: 8 Reasons Why was it made illegal in the first place)

9. Can Hydroxyquinoline Cure Cancer?

It was once considered an anticancer drug due to its amazing anticancer activities. But due to various side effects of the parent molecule, the idea to use it as an anticancer drug was dropped. The drug had unwanted side effects rather than potential and expected effects. However, scientists are working on the side effects causing chemicals inside the parent molecules of hydroxyquinoline. They want to reduce the side effects and increase the impact. (See Can Cancer be Cured?)

10. Is Hydroxyquinoline Used in Bandages?

It is an active ingredient to be used in salve (something that soothes or heals something). It is used in the production of liquid bandages. These bandages are a better substitute for traditional bandages. The liquid, when applied to the cut, starts to solidify and stick to the surface. It stops the bleeding and prevents infection. (See Why Does Old Aspirin Smell Like Vinegar?)

11. Can Pregnant and Lactating Women Consume Hydroxyquinoline?

If they are suffering from some sort of parasitic infection then their doctor will prescribe them hydroxyquinoline, if necessary. But it is advised not to self-start any medication in such delicate conditions where anything wrong can be fatal to the lives of both mother and child. (See What Vitamin Deficiency Causes Brain Fog?)

12. Does it go well for Alcohol Drinkers?

If you are on hydroxyquinoline medications, consuming alcohol is not a good idea. It can cause dizziness, altered concentration, and drowsiness. All these are dangerous if you are going to drive way back home. Must read Why Does Zoloft Cause Weight Gain?

13. Is Making Hydroxyquinoline at Home Safe?

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Simple quinine or hydroxyquinoline is just tonic water that is easily available in grocery stores and liquor stores. So, is making hydroxyquinoline at home safe? The compound is not highly dangerous to humans and thus, you can make it at home too. (See Is the L484 a Vicodin?)

14. How to Make Hydroxyquinoline at Home?

To begin with, you have to gather the following things.

  • Grapefruits – 2-3
  • Lemons – 2-3
  • Water
  • Bowl with lid (glass or metal)

Method –

Step 1 – Peel the fruits and take only their peels.

Step 2 – Put the peels in the bowl and fill it with water. The water should cover the peels.

Step 3 – Cover the bowl and stew the peels for about 2 hours at medium-low heat.

Step 4 – Let it cool down completely before opening the lid.

Step 5 – After you open the lid, steam made of quinine will escape the container, therefore, be careful.

Step 6 – Your hydroxyquinoline is ready at home.

Now you know the recipe and also the answer to the question- is making hydroxyquinoline at home safe? (See How to Make Oobleck with Flour?)

15. What are the Steps to Hydroxyquinoline Sulfate Safety?

There are various situations when this compound can cause opposite effects on the person taking it. It is available in tonic form and tablet forms. You should not start taking any medicine related to it without proper diagnosis and prescription by a doctor. Avoid any contact with this medication with the eyes, mouth, or nose, but if this happens, rinse thoroughly with water, immediately.

So, now you know how to make hydroxyquinoline at home and the precautions towards hydroxyquinoline sulfate safety.  (Also read Does Magnesium Citrate Help You Sleep?)

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