Interesting History of Dino Bones

Were any Real Dinosaur Bones found? What are Dinosaur Skeleton Museums? How was Accounting of Dino Bones done?
dinosaur skeleton

Many of you would be fascinated by Dinosaurs, tall, flying, and dangerous creatures that existed around 245 million years ago and later got extinct. Though we’ve found dino bones and real dinosaur bones. We even have a dedicated dinosaur skeleton museum. All of this can be a bit too much to unpack, so in this article, we will try to explain briefly, about dinosaurs, their history, and origin, as well as dinosaur bones.

1. Brief Explanation

Dinosaurs that existed about two forty million years ago were a species of reptile found during the Mesozoic period, Jurassic period, and Cretaceous period. Although the exact time period of origin and evolutions is part of ongoing research, it is an estimated guess.

2. Origin of Dinosaurs

  • The first-ever dinosaur known to mankind was Eoraptor which was found about two forty-five million years ago.
  • The most famous dinosaur, tyrannosaurus rex was accounted for around two hundred million years ago only during the Jurassic renaissance, much later than many known dinosaurs like stegosaurus or velociraptor. (See Who Discovered the First Dinosaur Bone?)

3. Accounting of Dino Bones

All the non-avian dinosaurs are believed to have become extinct in the Cretaceous–Paleogene K-Pg extinction event which took out almost three-quarters of plant & animal species of planet Earth. Dinosaurs left us with their bones, fossils, tissues, skin impressions, along with the first species of the human race i.e. apes. The first batch of ape-humans found these fossils or bones as they were, and engraved their deductions onto the rock walls. This led us to fossil bones helping us account for the existence of dinosaurs as real.

As technology advanced and years went by, we were able to find more and more proof that they lived on our planet. As per researchers, Robert Plot discovered the first bone in 1677. In 1819, a professor of geology at Oxford University, William Buckland identified it as dino bone. The next segment will discuss people that don’t believe that dinosaurs ever existed.

Dino bones head skeleton

4. Belief That Dinosaurs Never Existed

Just like there are people who believe that the Earth is flat, in the same way, there are people who believe that dinosaurs never existed. They believe that Adam and Eve were the first ones to inhabit this planet, billions of years ago, made their home, later impregnated the universe and that’s how humans were born. If they were to believe that dinosaurs existed, it would debunk their whole understanding of the universe. (See 25 Types of Dinosaurs)

Even though there are real dinosaur bones found by archaeologists and researched by scientists when dino bones were later transported to dinosaur skeleton museums for showcase, there were many false accusation claims like

  • Some people call it fake. They believe that it was made in a lab in order to trick them.
  • They even said that all the evidence and data that was collected doesn’t hold any accountability.
  • People who believe in a higher power state that dinosaurs never existed. All universe was created by God. 

5. Are Dinosaurs Still Alive?

Although dinosaurs cease to exist million years ago, they are still alive as their ancestors or descendants are still alive in the form of birds and sharks.

  • Birds are a direct descendant of the flying dinosaur due to genetic evolution.
  • Whereas sharks are ancestors of dinosaurs. When the sharks were sampled with their bones and fossils, similarities found were worthy of accounting for records. Although these sharks are not as enormous as the dinosaurs, they are still bloodthirsty and can be dangerous if ever encountered.

To know more about this, read Are Dinosaurs Alive? here.

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