In The Context Of Anime, What Does “Ara Ara” Mean?

What anime is ARA ARA from? It is a Japanese saying, meaning “Oh me, oh my”. The Japanese expression can also be roughly translated as “oh dear”, “my, my”.
In The Context Of Anime, What Does “Ara Ara” Mean?
  1. About Ara Ara

    It is a Japanese expression that is translated as “my, my,” “Oh my dear,” or “well, well.” It is used in anime or manga series to hint at a female character’s sexual intentions towards a younger male, mostly below the age of consent.

  2. Origin

    This phrase’s appropriate origin is still unknown, but it has been seen using in the anime and manga series specifically. It has been used several times in some of the best series, such as Mother Son Love by artist Cuvie, Aria, Date a Live, etc.

  3. Where is it commonly used?

    It is used mostly in the anime series as a polite and gentle exclamation to show surprise or amusement. The characters that use this word are usually relaxed, soft-spoken, caring, and gentle as it has never been seen any warrior-like character using the word Ara Ara. He might only use this phrase when he passes any sarcastic comment to another character.

  4. Other Ara Ara meanings

    This Japanese word is an emotionally expressive word used to describe many feelings and is used in various situations. It is also used in place of ‘Oh or Wow’, ‘Oh Oh,’ ‘Wow, Wow,’ ‘Whaaaaat,’ ‘Oh look its Pika,’ etc. Hence it depends on the tone and conversation, and as per that, you would easily make out what it means in that context. (See 15 Most Perverted Anime Shows)

  5. Does it relate to sex?

    Many people think it is usually used in the context of sex, but that is not correct. It is used in sexual content, too but not always. It is a flirty expression by female characters who sometimes use ara to express their sexual intentions towards young male characters. It was used in a sexual context in the series Mother Son Love, although it was taken humorously.

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