Importance of Books in Our Life

How can books help us? What are the pros and cons of reading books? What kind of personality does a book reader have?
importance of books in our life

You can find millions of books anywhere you go. There exist so many genres of books that you can explore and read. The importance of books in our life cannot be described in words because the world of books is like an escape for the curious mind.

1. Improves Communication Skills

The most important factor that reading helps us with is the improvement in our communication skills. If we are reading aloud for kids or somebody else, it proves helpful to us as well. Reading aloud boosts our confidence level, helping us prevent any punctuation or pronunciation errors in our speech. (See Why are Some People Better Public Speaker than Others?)

2. Strengthens Reading Ability

This one never gets old and, is a great example of the importance of books in our life. The more we read, the more perfection we achieve. We should try to read aloud at least five pages every day. Reading aloud helps us pronounce better, and our reading speed also improves with it. Believe me, it is a tried and tested method, and it works.

3. Brightens Writing Skills

Yes, the more we read, the more we learn about the language, the correct use of expressions, vocabulary, and much more. We get to learn several writing styles & formats, helping us in developing our own writing style. Starting from basic grammar to finishing a story with an amazing climax, all this can be learned by reading published works of other writers. The importance of books in our life can even be a way of improving our skills. (See 15 Celebrities Who Read A Lot)

4. Hones Cognitive Skills

Another importance of books in our life is that it improves cognition. It refers to processes like thinking, problem-solving, knowing, judging, and remembering. So, reading helps in improving our cognitive abilities and makes us more innovative. All these activities fall in the category of high-level functions of the brain. And these are affected by language, perception, planning, and imagination.

5. Helps Gain Knowledge

Books have been an endless source of knowledge since the beginning of time viz when writing and recording was first performed. The manuscripts from thousands of years ago provide us with valuable information about ancient civilizations. Books give us knowledge about things we cannot see or imagine. And once our minds get habitual to gathering information and knowledge, there is no going back. Because knowledge remains with us till the very end.

6. Polishes Vocabulary

Another great importance of books in our life is the way it brings intellect to our tongue. Reading is the best source of getting introduced to new words. Anyone with an immaculate vocabulary would admit to either reading or writing or both, after getting inspired by reading multiple books on a regular basis.

7. Rids Boredom

It is a healthier, safer and educative way of entertaining ourselves. Anyone who develops the habit of reading, especially kids, is bound to gain a keen interest in exploring different topics and genres of books. Not only does it make an individual more knowledgeable, but it also helps improve their creativity. Indulging in reading books sharpens thoughts and takes away boredom.

importance of books in our life

8. Good for Emotional Well-being

The importance of books in our life can be determined by the level to which we are attached to them. Most of us must have cried while watching a heartbreaking scene in a movie or drama. But have you ever cried after reading a chapter or the ending of a book? If you cry over any incident in the book, then you have connected to it well. Reading books helps us be more respectful towards people’s emotions and be empathetic towards others. Thus, if you can relate to the fictional characters of a book through reading, then you can also connect with the people living around you. (Also read The Seat of The Soul Summary)

9. Enhances Sleep

Now, I am not talking about mathematics or history books that made us doze off in school. Reading interesting things can make us feel relieved, especially when we are stressed about something, and we are unable to shift our minds away from that topic. As a result, it hampers our sleep, diet & daily routine. If we can find something to read at that moment, like a short story, someone’s life, or anything inspirational, it will surely help us feel relaxed, and then we can sleep better. (See Why Reading Makes You Sleepy)

10. Helps Focus Better

Reading regularly helps us boost concentration power. While we are reading a novel, we have to follow the storyline to connect to it. And to do so, we need to remember the characters & their personalities & actions as well. All this is not possible if you do not concentrate. Books also improve retention capabilities by making us remember things that happened in the story earlier. Because without it, we cannot relate one event to another in the story.

11. Widens Perspective

We do not age with the number of years we live, we age with experience. Sometimes a 10-year-old kid can have a better perspective than a 30-year-old adult because they both have lived through different situations in life. We don’t need to learn from only our circumstances but from others’ as well. Through reading, we get to know about several adventures people have had in their life. We can read about business persons, athletes, life coaches, trainers, etc. and gain perspectives. (See How to Read 52 Books a Year?)

importance of books in our life

12. Boosts Self-Confidence

Reading widens our horizon of thinking. We try to think of every possible way out of any problem and then, take decisions accordingly. We gain confidence to ask about things that are unclear to us. Reading helps us know that asking for help does not make us look like a fool, instead it gives an impression that we are keen to learn. (Also read How to Ask Someone to Do Something for You)

13. Provides Better Opinions & Insight

While we are reading about several situations and how people deal with them, we also gain a perspective towards those scenarios. It makes us capable of developing opinions and perspectives about people and situations. Although everything written in a book cannot fathom real-life problems, it still provides us insight. It tells us that so-and-so can be tried, or we can give an option you read about a shot. Many young entrepreneurs hold on to their dreams because they read somewhere something about someone, which offered in-depth insight & motivation. (See Graphite Vs Lead Pencil)

14. Sharpens Memory

Regularly reading books stimulates our visual memory and helps us remember things that are otherwise difficult to learn. When a person reads a book, they constantly create images of characters in their mind. This imaginative skill helps you to remember and memorize better. Moreover, books are important because they are known to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

So now we know about the importance of books in our life. If you wish to develop a reading habit, pick any book and read a few pages without any distractions, you will find yourself hooked to finish it to the very end!

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