I Found a Newt in my Garden What should I Do?

Are Newts toxic and Where to find them? What do you do If you found one in your Garden? Which Species are kept as Pets and What to Feed them? What are their Favorite Land and Water Food? Do they need Supplements?
I found a newt in my garden what should i do
Image by Thinh Le from Pixabay

Having gardens and lawns without any type of uninvited animal guests is just a myth. Because if you have a habitat fit for the survival of any animal, insect, or bird, they will likely take a resort in that place. Someone once asked me if I found a newt in my garden what should I do because they were unsure about the nature of these animals. If you have similar thoughts, then you will be getting answers to those along with what to do with a newt and what do newts eat as pets.

1. What is a Newt?

A salamander from the family Salamandridae and subfamily Pleurodelinae is known as a newt. They resemble lizards but are much larger. They are known as eft in their immature stage. These animals are semi-aquatic, which means they can survive both on land and in water. (See What is the Life Cycle of a Newt?)

2. What are its Characteristics?

The physical appearances of newts are similar to their salamander relatives. They have

  • Semi-permeable glandular skin
  • 4 equal-sized limbs
  • 1 distinct tail.

The skin of newts is rough in comparison to that of salamanders. Newts can generate new limbs or organs if damaged for any reason. Also, check out the 10 types of Dart Frogs.

3. Are Newts toxic?

I found a newt in my garden what should i do 1
Photo by Clint McKoy on Unsplash

Many newts produce and release toxins in their skin. It is their defense mechanism. So, if you ask, I found a newt in my garden what should I do? You should definitely not touch them. Some species produce toxins that can kill an adult human. Although these toxins are harmful only if ingested or enter the body through an open wound.  (See Why Do Snakes Shed Their Skin?)

4. In Which Habitat do they live?

Before we discuss the scenario if I found a newt in my garden what should I do, understand that newts are amphibians, which means they have developed abilities to survive both on land and in water. They are mostly found in streams, lakes, ponds, and grassy areas. Newts reproduce and lay eggs in the water. Their development until metamorphosis takes place within the water and then they switch between land and water as and when required. They are often kept as a pet. (See Slug Vs Snail)

5. Where to find Newts on Land and Water?

If you have a garden and you doubt the presence of these little creatures, then look under the stones, compost heaps, logs, rocks, and other dark-damp areas. Underwater you can find them behind weeds and vegetation. 

6. I found a Newt in my Garden What should I do?

I found a newt in my garden what should i do 2
Photo by Milo McDowell on Unsplash

Your action depends on the condition of the newt. You are not required to touch or move the animal if it is fine and resting.

  • If you find any newts near a road or a garden that is under work, release them in suitable habitat. If there is no such place, you can let it take shelter in the garden.
  • No need to put every newt you find into the pond. Because they can take shelter under the garden shed, foliage, log, etc. in the garden.
  • If your garden is not fit for the newt, you should find a garden nearby suitable for him.
  • Do not move the animal more than 1 mile (1.6 km) from the place you find it. You may not know what amphibian disease it is carrying. (See How to Get Rid of Gnats without Apple Cider Vinegar?)

7. What to do with a Newt and Why is it often found in your Garden?

If you find numerous newts in your garden or an area nearby, do not try to move or disperse them. It is a natural phenomenon and maybe it is their breeding time. Soon they will disappear and move to their hiding places. Do not disturb the animals because their habitats are already being destroyed by humans, which forces them to take shelter in residential gardens and ponds. Also, check out why do Hermit Crabs need Shells?

8. What if you find a Great Crested Newt in your garden?

You might wonder, I found a newt in my garden what should I do? Well, this type of newt is legally protected in the United Kingdom. If you reside in the territory, it is better to leave them unharmed and untouched. If the newt is hurt or injured, you can seek help from the national wildlife helpline. They will rescue the animal, provide necessary care, and release it into a much safer environment. Must read why do Bunnies hop?

9. Which Species can be kept as a Pet?

A paddle feeet pond newt: I found a newt in my garden what should i do 3
Image by DerWeg from Pixabay

Not every newt is fit for keeping as a pet because of their toxicity level. Take a look at the list below to figure out which specie is fit to be your pet.

10. What do Newts eat as Pets?

After hatching from eggs, they feed on algae, other amphibians’ larvae, or small invertebrates. After completing metamorphosis, you can feed your pet newt with fish food, insects, plankton, different types of worms (mealworms & blood worms), night crawlers, frozen fish, and brine shrimps, etc. Moreover, newts are natural hunters and prefer to catch their prey alive and feed on them. However, being in captivity, they can learn to eat the food you provide to them as your pet. (See Can Possums be Pets?)

11. Which food do Newts love the most on Land?

While we are discussing if I found a newt in my garden what should I do, you must remember to feed them these things when on land.

  • Crane flies, Mites, Springtails,
  • Spiders, Amphibian eggs,
  • Small invertebrates and Worms. 

12. Which Food do Newts love the most in Water?

I found a newt in my garden what should i do 4
Photo by Michelle Gordon on Unsplash

Adult newts live on land and move to water only for reproduction. Living most of their time on land, they enjoy feeding on the following.

  • Ants, Beetles, Bees wasps, Crustaceans,
  • Insect larvae, Leeches, Mayfly nymphs,
  • Millipedes, Mosquitoes, Sawflies, Sea louse,
  • Seed shrimps, Water snails, and
  • Water invertebrates. (See What do Newts Eat in a Pond?)

13. When to Feed your Pet Newt?

Newts are not like other pets in terms of feeding patterns and timing, because they do not need to be fed daily. During their growing days, they must be fed daily, but an adult newt can be fed twice a week. (See What Animal Eats Bananas?)

14. Do Newts need Supplements?

If they are not eating their food as they do in the wild, there are chances that the food may lack the required amount of calcium and other nutrients. However, it is best to consult a vet and get some calcium and multivitamin supplements prescribed for your pet newts. These supplements need to be given once/twice a week or as prescribed by the vet. (See What type of Consumer is a Rabbit?)

Now, I know if I found a newt in my garden what should I do. Also, you got to know what to do with a newt and what do newts eat as pets. Share this with your friends and family who are planning to keep a newt as a pet. (Also read Can you have a pet squirrel?)

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