Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 Explanation

What happened in Mockingjay Part 2? The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 Explained
  1. Katniss recovered from Peeta’s attack

    katniss recovered from the near death situation she was in when she was attacked by Peeta , the one she loves, who was brain washed by the capitol. Peeta believed Katniss is evil.

  2. Katniss was shot

    During a propaganda Movie that Katniss was shooting to tell the citizens of the capital that they are not their enemies she was shot. The bullet didn’t kill her because of her Bullet Proof Jacket.

  3. Katniss wanted to kill Snow

    Katniss told President Alma Coin , the leader of the revolution, that she wants to kill President Snow. Alma said no and told Katniss that she is an important symbol of the revolution that can’t be sacrificed.

  4. Katniss sneaked to sector 2

    Katniss sneaked to sector 2 on an aircraft hoping to find a chance to kill Snow by joining the forces planning to assault the capital.

  5. Katniss discovered she has a secondary role

    Katniss was assigned to unit 451 only to discover that their rules is to remain in deserted areas , away from war zones, to shoot propaganda movies that can help the revolution.

  6. Peeta was assigned to unit 451

    Peeta , who was still confused about Katniss, was assigned to the unit 451 by president Coin. Katniss started to have doubts about Coin’s intentions after Boggs warned her. In reality Coin saw Katniss as a threat to her own power.

  7. Katniss told the unit she has order to kill Sno

    Katniss lied to the people in her unit and told them she has direct orders from Coin to kill President Snow.

  8. Unit 451 used the sewers to reach the Capitol

    Unit 451 went through the sewers to avoid the traps placed by the Capital on the surface. They were ambushed inside the sewers and some of them were dead. (See The Gallows movie explanation (Spoiler Alert))

  9. Katniss told the unit she was lying

    Katniss told the rest of the unit that she was lying about the orders and that she is responsible for the death of the ones who died. To her Surprise the unit’s members , including Peeta, told her she did that right thing and that they already knew that.

  10. Snow announced the attack

    Snow announced the attack of the Rebels and asked the surviving Citizens of the capital to come and hide inside his mansion.

  11. Katniss moved towards the mansion

    Katniss and Gale disguised as refugees and walked along the rest of refugees to the Mansion in order to get inside and kill Snow.

  12. A capitol’s aircraft killed many civilians

    All of a sudden A capitol’s aircraft killed many refugee civilians, by dropping bombs, who were trying to enter the mansion for shelter. Prim, Katniss’ sister was hit and then she died. Katniss went unconscious right after she was hit.

  13. Katniss woke up

    Katniss woke up and found that the rebels have taken over the palace. She went to Snow , who was imprisoned by the rebels, and confronted him.

  14. Snow told Katniss that Coin killed the civilians

    Snow told Katniss that Coin masterminded the murder of the civilians by using a Capitol’s aircraft in order to turn the situation against him. Katniss realized that the trap ,which killed civilians, was similar to a one Gale has been working on earlier.

  15. Coin suggested they have another hunger games

    During a meeting Coin , who declared herself interim president, suggested they have another hunger games with the children of the Capitol to let the Capitol pay for the previous ones. Katniss voted with yes in order to deceive Coin after realizing she is a very bad person.

  16. Katniss shot coin

    Before the games began Katniss, who was assigned to shoot snow, shot Coin instead. Snow was then killed by the angry people. Katniss tried to commit suicide using a poisoning pill but Peeta saved her. Katniss was pardoned of her crime. (See Rings (2017) Movie Explanation)

  17. Katniss lived with Peeta

    Katniss returned to her home in district 12. Found Peeta there. She lived happily with him and had two kids.

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