How Zappos Started?

How Zappos was Born? How Grew So Big So Fast? Tony Hsieh, Zappos, and the Art of Great Company Culture
  1. Nick Swinmurn had problems buying shoes

    Nick Swinmurn, the founder of Zappos, had a problem buying the right shoes in bay area. He had to go to many different stores looking for the right size and color. He thought that if people have problems finding shoes in Bay area then certainly people in other areas would have the same problem.

  2. Nick started

    Nick decided to start a website to help people locate shoes easily. The website was initially called which would become later on.

  3. Nick raised $150,000 from family and friends

    Nick Raised $150,000 from family and friends to start After some time he realized that the company will run out of money if he didn’t get a new supply of cash.

  4. Shoesite was making $2000 a week

    Shoesite was making $2000 a week but no profits at all. When a customer made an order Nick had to go and buy the shoes before shipping them to customers.

  5. Nick tried to contact many venture capital firms

    Nick’s offer was rejected by many venture capital firms for most companies didn’t believe that anyone would want to buy shoes online without trying them.

  6. Nick got funds from Venture Frogs

    Nick went to meet Tony Hsieh, the guy who successfully sold his old company Linkexchange then started a venture fund called Venture Frogs. Venture Frogs decided to back Shoesite and the name was changed to after Venture Frogs made that suggestion. (See How 4chan started?)

  7. How Nick convinced Venture Frogs to invest in Zappos

    Nick had a very tempting statistic that he used to convince the people at Venture Frogs. He told them that the shoe industry was a $40 billion industry and that 5% of sales were already being done by mail order. This one fact managed to convince venture frogs to invest $500,000 in Zappos.

  8. Zappos had serious financial problems

    Although the company was making sales it had serious problems making profits and it was burning cash so fast. At one point Tony Hsieh started selling the apartments he had bought with the money he made after selling his company Linkexchange to finance Zappos operations.

  9. Zappos was saved in the last minute by a loan from Wells fargo

    Tony spent most of his savings trying to keep the company alive but the company was running out of cash fast. Zappos was then saved few weeks before bankruptcy by a 6 million credit line from wells Fargo.

  10. The company decided to focus on the inventory model

    After the company got a fresh supply of cash they started focusing on having their own inventory and shipping shoes directly to people who order them. Sales almost tripled as a result of those actions. (See How 9GAG started?)

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