How Wikipedia Started?

When did Wikipedia start? How was Wikipedia founded? History of Wikipedia
  1. Jimmy Wales started Nupedia

    Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia’s founder, started Nupedia which is a project similar to Wikipedia and had the goal of being an online encyclopedia.

  2. Nupedia Didn’t work because of bureaucracy

    After sometime Nupedia only had 25 approved pages as the editing process was so slow and strict.

  3. Jimmy Wales thought the Wiki Model could work

    Jimmy wales thought the Wiki model, where any person can write or edit, might work if applied to a new encyclopedia.

  4. Wikipedia was started in 2001

    According to Wikipedia the site was started in 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger.

  5. Jimmy Wales made the first edit in Jan 2001

    In 16th January 2001 Jimmy Wales made the first Wikipedia Entry. It was ‘Hello World’

  6. By may 2001 Wikipedia has 3,900 articles

    Wikipedia grew very fast as a result of Google’s traffic and by may 2001 it had 3,900 articles,

  7. Wikipedia had many languages in 2001

    In around March 2001, Wikipedia started including articles from other languages such as German and Japanese. (See How Quora started?)

  8. Wikipedia had 20,000 articles after one year

    After one year Wikipedia has around 20,000 articles.

  9. In March 2002 Larry Sanger Left

    As a result of the dot com crash, Larry Sanger left Wikipedia in March 2002.

  10. In 2003 the English section had 10,000 articles

    By 2003 the English section of Wikipedia bypassed 100,000 articles.

  11. By the end of 2004 Wikipedia had 1 million pages

    By the End of 2004 Wikipedia had more than 1 million entries in 100 different languages.

  12. Wikipedia Celebrated 1 billionth Edit

    As Wikipedia kept growing by 2010 it celebrated 1 billionth Edit. (See How Zappos Started?)

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