How to Win Time Trials in Crash Bandicoot 2 (PS4)

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back – How to win the Time-Trials guide
  1. Get the running shoes

    After defeating new cortex, you will get the running shoes or the spring shoes. These shoes can make Crash move much faster and thus it will help you find it easier to win time trials.

  2. Break all yellow boxes

    The yellow boxes give you extra time by pausing the time. Do your best to hit all yellow boxes on your way to get a better time.

  3. Find hidden yellow crates

    The yellow boxes are sometimes well-hidden and not that visible. Know the location of these boxes to get a better time.

  4. Finish the game first

    It’s strongly recommended that you finish the game first before staring on time trials. When you get used to the levels and game dynamics, the game can become much easier.

  5. Ignore most crates

    Ignore most crates, especially the ones that would require you to waste time. Only focus on yellow creates while ignoring everything else.

  6. Use Aku Aku

    Aku Aku can be extremely helpful in time trials since you will sometimes have to get hit just to save a second or two. Whenever you see an Aku Aku box hit it for you might need it.

  7. Jump on things

    In some levels, jumping on objects, crates or enemies can help you bypass certain areas faster. This can sometimes help you get a better score. (See Why Crash Bandicoot N.sane trilogy is very difficult?)

  8. Save the first second

    Sometimes you might need to wait for a second or two at the beginning of a level for a platform to arrive. In such a case, don’t start the time trial until the right moment. This can save you a second or two.

  9. Ignore bonus stages

    If you want to win the time trial then you must ignore bonus stages. There won’t be any need for them during a trial.

  10. Discover secret paths

    Some levels have got secret paths that can help you save time. Make sure you find those paths to increase your chance of winning. (See How To Win Final Fantasy 9 Card Game)

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