How to win fort condor battles easily in Final Fantasy 7?

The Battle(s) of Fort Condor – Final Fantasy VII Guides | Don’t miss this Fort Condor TRICK in Final Fantasy 7
  1. Don’t place any units

    Don’t place any units on the mountain and start the battle.

  2. Wait for enemies to climb

    Wait for the first enemy to climb and reach the top of the mountain.

  3. You will get an invasion alert

    When an enemy reaches the top you will get an enemy invasion alert. The man inside fort condor will tell you that they are counting on you.

  4. Fight the enemy

    In such a case, you will have to fight the enemy with your party members as if it’s a normal battle. (See How to defeat Lost Number – Shinra’s Mansion – FF7)

  5. Defeat the monster and it’s over

    Once you defeat the monster, in a relatively easy battle, the invasion will be over and you won’t have to do anything else.

  6. You will only fight one unit

    No matter how many enemies are attacking you, you will only have to fight one enemy.

  7. Repeat this for every battle

    Whenever you pass by fort condor you can do the same to stop an invasion. You won’t pay any money if you apply that plan. (See How to Catch a Chocobo in Final Fantasy VII (FF7))

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