How to Use Trade Carts in Age of Empires II

Trade Carts (How do they work?) in the Age of Empires 2? How to Use Trade Carts in Age of Empires II?
  1. Advance to the castle age

    To build a trade cart you need to build a market and to build a market you need to advance to the castle age.

  2. Build a market

    The market is the building where you can create new trade carts so that you use them for trading.

  3. Your ally must have a market

    Trade cards can’t be used unless you have an ally who has a market. If you don’t have an ally or if your ally doesn’t have a market, then trade carts will be useless.

  4. Create trade cards

    After making sure your ally has a market, create one or more trade trade carts depending on your needs. (See How to advance ages – Age of Empires 2)

  5. Direct the aarts to the ally’s market

    Select the trade carts then while they are selected click on the market of your Ally. This will let your trade carts start moving between your market and your ally’s market for trading.

  6. Direct new units to the market

    You can also set the flag of the newly generated units directly to the market of your ally. In such a case, generated carts will automatically start trading. (See How to Give Allies Resources – Age of Empires 2)

  7. Use trading upgrades

    Make upgrades using the market to improve the trading process and bring more Gold.

  8. More carts = more Gold

    Trading brings gold. The more carts you have, the more gold you will get. Also the bigger the distance between the two markets, the bigger the amount of gold will be.

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