How to use Stamford lock pick – The order 1886 Game

In what way Stamford lock pick is used? Press R2 to unlock that part. Remember to keep holding L2 as well.

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  1. 1 Hold L2

    Hold L2 for the device to start working. You should hear noise and start experiencing vibration in the controller.

  2. 2 Look for the pin

    When you do the first step the inner parts of the lock will become visible. Notice the pin which will appear, in addition to a spring and other metal parts.

  3. 3 Move the Pin using R

    As you rotate the R button, the one with a stick, you will notice that you are moving the pin up and down depending on the direction of the rotation.

  4. 4 Align the parts properly

    Your objective is to align the parts in such a way that the Edge of the cylinder meets the border line dividing the two metal parts.

  5. 5 Use vibration as a guidance

    When the vibration increases know that you are approaching the right part. When vibration reaches the maximum know that you are now in the right position.

  6. 6 Press R2

    Press R2 to unlock that part. Remember to keep holding L2 as well.

  7. 7 Repeat the steps

    If you got it right you will hear an unlocking sound then you will notice that another part that needs to be unlocked appeared.

  8. 8 The description provided is incorrect

    The description provided by the game says that you should hold until the vibration diminishes but in fact the opposite should be done to unlock the door. Look for high vibration not low.

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