How to Use a Hula Hoop?

What is Hula Hoop? When did it Originate? How to Use it? What are the Random Hula Hoop facts?
How to use a hula hoop

You have seen people perform fascinating and thrilling performances with circular hoops. Do you know that the hoop performances were done by people of Ancient Greece? So, do you want to learn how to use a hula hoop that has an ancient history that involves both fun and exercise? However, hula hoops fit into the description of a toy and many ranging from children to adults use hula hoops to impress their friends and family. Though it looks simple, people find it hard and confusing to use a hula hoop for the first time. Fret not! Because practice makes everything perfect. If you are interested in having a little fun then you should know how to use a hula hoop. You will learn about the origin of hula hoops, and also offers some interesting facts about them.

1. What is a Hula Hoop?

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For those who are unaware of what a hula hoop is, the hula hoop is a ring-shaped toy that is thrown or spun for entertainment and exercise. Usually, hula hoops are hooped around waists for performance but other parts of the body such as the neck, legs, and hands are also used. They are usually made of plastic but the wooden and metal versions of them also exist.  (See What is the Best Martial Art?

2. How did the Hula Hoop Originate?

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Below are facts on the origin of Hula Hoops,

  • Hula hoops are no modern findings. In truth, the use of hula hoops originally dates to ancient times. But the hula hoops were brought back to the world in the 60s by Arthur Melin.
  • Long back approximately dating to 3000 BCE Egyptians used circular hoops for entertainment by swinging them in the air or used as an exercising tool by those who couldn’t do heavy liftings.
  • Hula hoops made of grapevines were used by people from ancient Greece for exercise and later the children used metal scrapes to create hoops for playing. (See What Pokemon Cards are Worth Money?)
  • British people started using homemade hoops for entertainment around the 1300s.
  • In the 1800s, after witnessing the hula dance, Hawaiian people started using the hula hoops as its movement was similar to that of the Hula dance.
  • In the early 20th century, Australian people used bamboo versions of hula hoops for exercise.
  • The importance of Hula Hoops was picked by Richard Knerr and Arthur Melin. They ran the Wham-O company and after making it a success by selling nearly 25 million hula hoops in the first four-month of production, Arthur Melin claimed a patent for Hula Hoops. To know how to use a hula hoop, dive into the next segment. (See When Was Silly Putty Invented?)

3. How to Use a Hula Hoop?

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Hula hoops are fun! But it takes a lot of practice to master it. Here are the following steps on how to use a hula hoop:

  • Wear tight-fitted comfortable clothes and avoid dangling accessories to avoid getting tangled in the hula hoop.
  • Choose a hula hoop of comfortable weight and size. Usually, larger hoops tend to circle slowly which is helpful for beginners. (See Which Pokemon Oreos are Rare?)
  • Keep the hula hoop on the ground and step inside it.
  • Keep your hands to the width of your shoulders and bring the hula hoop near your waist. Relax the hoop on one side of your waist.
  • Start spinning the hoop. If you are a right-handed person, start the spin counterclockwise. If you are a left-handed person, start to spin the hoop clockwise. Although most right-handed and left-handed people prefer the above direction, it depends on individual comfort.
  • Start in small circles. If the hoop hits your left side, push your hip on the left and if it touches your right, push it on the right side. As you increase the circle size, push the hoop in the direction where it hits you on the waist. Keep moving your waist in a circular motion. (See Busted! 27 Myths About Fitness Exercises and Workouts)

To get the benefits of this fun exercise, do expect the hula hoop to hit the ground for the first few tries. If you got a hand at keeping the hoops on your waist but still you don’t want to let the hoop fall on the ground, here are some tips on how to use a hula hoop to bring it back to your waist without starting from the beginning:

  • Bend your knees below the hoop and move fast to get back the hoop to your waist.
  • Move your hips fast in the direction of the hoop.
  • In general, move quicker than your normal speed to get the hula hoop back in position. (See Why Some People Never Exercise?)

4. What are some of the Random Hula Hoop Facts?

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If you have learned how to use a hula hoop then here are some fascinating facts to tell your friends. 

  • World Hoop Day is officially celebrated on the first Saturday of October every year.
  • Aaron Hibbs set the record for the longest hula hoop by hooping it for 74 hours and 54 minutes in 2009.
  • The diameter of hula hoops typically ranges from 74 to 107 centimeters.
  • Indonesia banned hula hoops as they believed it might stimulate passion. Not only Indonesia, but Japan also banned hula hoop because rotating the hips were indecent.
  • Russia saw hula hoops as a symbol of America’s emptiness. (See When was the Unicycle Invented?)

Are you going to try the Hula hoop now? Don’t forget to impress your friends by telling these interesting hula hoop facts while hooping. (See When and How do Body Systems Work together?)

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