How To Tip A Cow?

Is it Possible to Tip a Cow? What Good can it do? Why would someone do that?
cow sleeping. How To Tip A Cow

Cows have been an important part of our lives, diet, and agriculture as well. People have used the slang, go tip a cow commonly in the countryside. Although many people use this slang, they do not know how to tip a cow or if cow tipping is a real thing.

1. What does Tip A Cow mean?

It is believed that cows can sleep while standing just like horses or other farm animals. So, anyone can creep behind them and push them to one side with all their might leading to their fall. Also, people believe that once the cow gets tipped off, they cannot get up on their own. However, according to many farmers, this is just a hoax and no one can actually tip a cow. (See Do Cows Really Have Four Stomachs?)

2. Who came up with the Idea?

Well, it is mostly seen to be done by farmers in rural areas after the consumption of alcohol. People usually try this stunt as they are not in their full senses and lack judgment. Nevertheless, people in their senses also try this very often for the sake of fun. They end up getting hurt, sometimes severely because the cow doesn’t remain calm and retaliates to the person pushing it.

3. Is Cow Tipping a Real Thing?

Logically speaking, it is not possible to tip a cow. There are many reasons behind the same including its weight i.e. about 720 kgs to 800 kgs on average. How to tip a cow that is heavy and has four legs? A single human cannot do this alone. Many built-up men would be required to do so, and in the process, the poor animal might also get hurt unnecessarily. Additionally, it can happen only if the animal is sick, weak, or lethargic to be easily tipped off.

4. Aren’t Cows pulled down by the Gravitational Force?

Cattles have a balancing system which can be called an anti-gravity or opposite gravity system. Unlike other things when pushed a little are attracted towards the ground, cows are not easily pushed or pulled by the strong force of gravitation of the earth. Thus, it can be nearly impossible to tip a cow because of its low center of gravity. (See Can Cows Swim?)

5. Does a Cow Always keep Standing?

No, why would they? After all, they are cattle, and they spend a good quantity of time sitting on their bellies, munching and napping. According to several farmers, even though, it is possible for a cow to take a nap standing up, they usually do not prefer sleeping in the standing position. One of the fun facts about cows is that they can manage their body weight and balance quite well. Continue reading to know how to tip a cow.

6. Has any Claim been made of Tipping a Cow?

Yes, people have claimed to tip a cow or an artificial cow instead. Pranksters or video makers, sometimes in order to make videos, are often seen tipping and shoving artificial cows. There are scenes in many movies where cows are tipped, but as we all know, it is not real. (See 7 Sugar Glider Habitat Facts)

7. Can Cow Protect themselves from Tipping?

Even you know how to tip a cow, they can protect themselves when you try to do so. Living as prey for predators since the beginning of time, these animals have developed amazing instincts that help them stay safe. It may look like they are just munching the green grass, but they are always in alert mode. Moreover, even if cows are thought to be an easy target, bulls will definitely throw you over if they sense you are moving towards their herd with such intentions. Now, imagine a bull weighing 1100 to 1300 kg throwing you away and simply, step back.

8. Do Cows Tip Themselves?

Well, yes. Sometimes, because of being overweight, few cattle are unable to roll themselves. Thus, they deliberately tip themselves on the side. However, this situation can turn worse because such an obese animal cannot get back to its feet unaided. It will need external help to stand up on its feet again, and if not, it can die lying in that position. Sometimes, because of trauma or illness, an animal is unable to stand back on its feet. (See Could Bigfoot Be Real?)

9. What is Casting?

They might be tipped for animal husbandry practices. This process is known as casting. It can be done either with mechanical help or a strong, long rope. The rope is tied to the body of the cow and is pushed by several men until the animal loses its balance and lies on one side. This technique can be followed on a sitting or a standing cow alike.

Cows can be tipped when they are to be treated. At the vets, the hydraulic tilt tables have existed since the 1970s for easy lifting and tipping of the animals for veterinary treatments. So, this is how to tip a cow, only when needed.

10. How is it used as a Figure of Speech?

The term tips a cow or tipping a cow is used as a figure of speech when someone has pushed away a big problem or crossed a high hurdle in their career, etc. In short, achieving a big success can also be phrased like this.

So, is cow tipping a real thing? Yes, it is. Although it is not possible or required to learn how to tip a cow normally, it can still be carried out with a little help.

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