How to tell if someone dislikes you by their body language?

Body language signs that someone doesn’t like you | 10 Subtle Ways to Know Someone Doesn’t Like You
  1. There is no single sign of hatred

    While there is no single body sign for hatred or disapproval, a person can still connect the dots together and find out whether someone is trying to avoid him. The presence of one of those signs doesn’t mean that a person hates you, but if all are present then there might be a possibility.

  2. Not facing you while talking

    If a person is interested to continue talking, they will stand with their shoulders parallel to you. While a person won’t stand properly if they are  in a hurry, it could still be a negative sign if the person always stands this way while talking to you.

  3. False smiles

    A real genuine smile usually affects the muscles of the face surrounding the eyes. If a person smiles with their mouth only without the rest of his face, then it might not be a genuine smile.

  4. Touching the nose as soon as you arrive

    People touch their noses when something negative happens or when they get a negative thought. If each time you arrive someone touches their nose then they might not be happy with your presence. (See Why do people touch their nose while speaking?)

  5. Taking side steps while talking to you

    A person who keeps taking side steps while talking to someone usually means they wants to leave. If a person always wants to leave when they talk to you then they might not be interested in talking to you.

  6. Very little eye contact

    Some people don’t make lots of eye contact because they are shy, but if an ordinary person is avoiding looking at you then it might mean that they are not interested in you.

  7. Keeping a large distance between you both

    If a person dislikes someone, they will keep a large distance between themselves and that person compared to the distance they keep when they stand with other people.

  8. No touching

    People touch each other when they feel comfortable around each other. If a close friend sits beside you, their leg might touch yours. If a person doesn’t like you then they wouldn’t want to touch you unconsciously.

  9. Yawning can indicate lack of interest

    There are so many reasons that could make a person yawn, but generally, if a person yawns a lot during the first meeting then it might mean that they are not that interested in you. (See Why do people yawn?)

  10. Those signs might indicate lack of interest and not hatred

    Even if all of those signs are present, they might just indicate lack of interest and not hatred. It’s very important that you don’t make conclusions about people using these signs alone. Some of the above may be due to a person being stressed or having recently suffered a loss.

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