How to strengthen your core muscles?

What are the best exercises for Core Strength? 13 Exercises to improve your core muscles
  1. Swim

    Swimming works most core muscles. Swimming twice per week or more can help maintain a better posture and strengthen the core muscles.

  2. Plank

    Planking increases the strength and endurance of core muscles as it allows the person to maintain his body posture while going against the force of gravity.

  3. Use a Stability Ball

    Exercises that use a Stability ball allows the core muscles to become stronger since the body has to adapt to the unstable surface to maintain the right posture.

  4. Train your core muscles regularly

    Core muscles need to be trained twice or more per week. In order to maintain a strong core include a 5-10 core muscle training at the end of each exercising day.

  5. Play kickboxing or Taekwondo

    If the person suffers from no back issues then kickboxing and Taekwondo can strengthen his core muscles. Because in both sports the body has to maintain balance while raising legs and moving arms the core muscles become much stronger.

  6. Exercise your whole body

    Exercising most muscles usually trigger core muscles in a way or another. While core muscles are triggered by so many different exercises its very important that they get trained on their own.

  7. Do one leg exercises

    Standing on one leg or doing one leg exercises can help the core muscles become stronger since they have to do more work to keep the body stable. (See Study Summary: Build more muscle with less oxygen)

  8. Do Yoga

    Yoga puts a lot of pressure on core muscles and helps them become stronger. As a person shifts from one position to another Yoga targets different core muscle groups and so a person can end up with all of his core well trained after a single yoga session.

  9. Core isn’t just Abs

    Core muscles aren’t just abs but they include Rectus Abdominis,Transversus Abdominis, Gluteus Maximus , Internal and External Obliques. Training the abs alone isn’t enough for a strong core.

  10. Do Pilates

    Pilates target the core muscles directly and can help make them much stronger. Pilates also can help maintain a well balanced posture.

  11. Plank push ups

    Plank push ups can strengthen the core muscles. Plank position assumes that the body is ready for push ups but that it’s being supported with elbows, not hands. The trainee should then switch the position of his right arm so it is supported by the hand, not the elbow. After doing this for the left arm, he should reverse and descend down to elbows.

  12. Barbell rows and deadlift

    Performing weight exercises such as barbell rows or deadlifts requires a very strong core else the back would never be able to lift the weight of the ground. Doing any of the two exercises two to three times per week will strengthen the core very quickly.

  13. Use Ab-wheel

    Ab-wheel is a small wheel which allows the trainee to perform ‘roll outs’. The trainee grasps the wheel handles with his hands while stretching back and forth at increased speed due to the ab-wheel. The roll outs are very hard to perform without strong core muscles. (See How can an ectomorph gain muscles?)

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