How to Start a Successful Blog?

Top tips for a successful blog | How to Start a Successful Blog in 2020
  1. Find your passion

    To create a successful blog you need to be passionate about the thing you will blog out.

  2. Find an unmet market need

    The internet is very crowded and full of blogs. It’s very hard for a blog to succeed if it doesn’t target an unmet market need or a market need that is not properly met.

  3. Provide something different

    As the internet became crowded and the attention spans of people decreased only novel, new, different and creative things stand out. Stay away from the mainstream.

  4. Make it stand out

    If you can’t make your blog stand out then you might not be able to compete with other blogs and websites. Plan exactly how you manage to differentiate your blog from others before starting.

  5. Learn basic branding principles

    In a crowded world branding can help your blog stand out. Make sure you learn the basic principles of branding. However, if you don’t have a powerful advantage branding won’t help you much.

  6. Find a niche

    It’s much easier to succeed in a small and less-crowded Niche than to target a broad crowded market. After you dominate a small niche you can easily move on to the bigger market.

  7. Scan for competition

    It’s always a good idea to start blogging in a less competitive market. Use Google search to find out whether the niche you plan to target is overly-crowded or not. For example, the weight loss market is very crowded.

  8. Learn SEO

    SEO is still one of the major sources of traffic for almost all blogs. Learn SEO basics so that you can make sure your posts are search engine friendly. (See Why is SEO important to a business?)

  9. Build a community

    Building a community is vital for your blogging success. You need to collect email addresses, users or social media fans from day one. If you are building your community right, even at a slow speed, then your chances of success will be high.

  10. Study the latest marketing techniques

    Online marketing techniques change all the time. Make sure you are updated with the state of art information so that you can bring results. (See Why marketing research can give inaccurate results?)

  11. Study the top blogs in your niche

    Study the top blogs in your niche to know how they succeeded and to understand what attracts visitors in such a niche.

  12. Read the top internet marketing blogs

    Visit the top internet marketing blogs on a daily basis if possible. Staying updated with what’s going on in the industry is crucial for your blog’s survival.

  13. Prepare for a long journey

    Some blogs get lucky quickly but the majority of blogs take months if not years until they become big and well-known. Prepare yourself psychologically for a long journey.

  14. Signs you are doing it right

    If your traffic is increasing even if slowly, and if you are getting subscribers, engagement and positive feedback then know that you are on the right track.

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