How To Sound Louder?

What is Sound, and What makes it Loud? What are different Decibel Levels? What are the Factors affecting the Intensity of Sound? What are Psychological methods to Improve your Sound?
how to sound louder
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Some people have the capability to sound louder naturally while others struggle to sound louder than their actual voice is. If you are among those people who find it difficult to make sound louder enough, then you are at the right place today. Here you will learn about how to sound louder and what makes sounds louder.

1. What is Sound?

As per physics, any vibration that propagates as an acoustic wave through a medium is considered sound. In human psychology, the reception of waves by the ears and perception by the brain is known as sound. (See What Is the Real Sound That a Fox Make?)

2. What makes Sounds louder?

Loudness is the term used to refer to sound as to how loud or soft it is to the listener. The loudness of the sound is determined by the intensity of its sound waves and this is the guide to how to sound louder. Intensity is the unit that measures the amount of energy carried by sound waves. Its SI unit is the decibel, and it is denoted by db. (See How do I Sound When I record Myself?)

3. What are different Decibel Levels?

The intensity of sound is measured in terms of decibels which are divided into moderate, very loud, extremely loud, and painful to the ears. The meter starts from 0 and as the intensity rises the bar is also raised but above 80 decibels (dB) the sound is so loud that it is considered extremely dangerous to human ears. (See Test To See If You need Glasses)

4. What is the Moderate and Very Loud Decibel of Different Sounds?

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Depending upon the source of noise, the following list tells you what their decibel is.


  • Whisper 30 decibels,
  • Quiet room 40 decibels, and
  • Light rainfall 50 decibels.

Very Loud

5. Which Sound falls into the Category of Extreme and Painful Noise?

Take a look at the list below to understand how to sound louder.

Extremely loud

  • Lawnmower or power tools 90 decibels,
  • Chain saw or snowmobile 100 decibels,
  • Bass drum 105 decibels, and
  • Loud music or a remote control airplane 112 decibels.

Painfully loud

  • Car stereo or band practice 120 decibels,
  • Jack hammers 130 decibels,
  • Fire alarms or jets 138 decibels, and
  • Metal concert 150 decibels. Must read 9 facts about organizing a Flash Mob.

6. Which Factors determine Intensity?

The intensity of the sound depends on two factors, namely the amplitude of the sound waves and the distance traveled by them.

  • Amplitude measures the size of sound waves, and it depends largely on the amount of energy that has started the sound waves.
  • Distance covered by the sound waves or how far they get is described under distance. (See What is Biomedical Engineering?)

7. How do Amplitude and Distance make sound louder?

In terms of loudness, greater amplitude waves have more energy and carry great intensity. These things enable the sound to be heard louder. Likewise, as sound travels its waves spread wider, and the area covered by the sound waves also increases. So, the energy carried by the sound waves is spreading widely in a large area, and it increases the intensity and loudness of the sound. (See Best Way to Listen to Music on the Go)

8. How can you make Sound Louder?

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To make sounds produced by you or your musical instrument, you just need to increase their amplitude and the distance covered by them. While discussing how to sound louder, if you still cannot figure out what to do, take a look at the tips mentioned ahead to cope with the psychological fears that are keeping you from speaking loud and clear. (Also read Why do we hate to hear your own voice?)

9. How to Use your Diaphragm?

The diaphragm is a large dome-shaped muscle present below the lungs. This muscle contracts and expands with every breath you take. Place your hand on your abdomen below your chest. It is the place where your diaphragm is. Inhale and your abdomen will expand, now press your abdomen and speak simultaneously. The voice must be followed by the pressure your air is exhaled out of your lungs.  (See When and How do Body Systems Work together?)

10. How can Deep Breathing be helpful?

Shortness of breath may be one of the reasons that a person is unable to speak loudly. Therefore, practicing deep breathing is surely helpful.

  • Take a deep breath such that you feel your stomach is filling up with air. Do not stop breathing until you feel completely full.
  • Once you are completely full, hold your breath.
  • Count to 5 or 4. The counting should be as much as you are comfortable with.
  • Slowly release your breath.
  • Keep practicing. (See How many Heartbeats in a Day of Humans?)

11. How to sound louder by Lowering your Pitch slowly?

Pitch is the scale on which your voice is considered harsh or soft. You, too, have different pitches in your sound because when you whisper it is different, when you are happy it is different, etc. Try to record your voice at different pitches like very high, moderate, low, very low, etc. Listening to your recorded voice will help you to understand better how loud or slow your pitch should be. (See Why my voice isn’t deep?)

12. How do Hand Gestures and Body Language help?

Sound is not always what comes out of your mouth. It is your body language, your hand gestures, the way you speak, and much more. Sometimes people have low voices and to make yourself clear and to attract people’s attention, do hand gestures to indicate what you are trying to say. (See Why do people copy the body language of others?)

13. How to Consider yourself as the Speaker?

Psychologically speaking, if you want others to focus on what you are saying, you have to consider yourself as a speaker that everyone wants to hear. It will boost your confidence, and you will not feel out of the conversation. Never develop the mindset that you do not belong there, because then, your body language and expressions will say things louder than your words. Also, check out why are some people better public speakers than others?

14. Should you Speak Slowly?

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People prefer not to focus on someone who speaks fast. I do the same because it is hard to understand what the person is saying and without understanding what reply I can give. Another way how to sound louder is to try to adjust your speed as per required because it works magically. Must read why do people touch their face while speaking?

15. How to Use your Voice in a New Way?

Play with your voice, like mimicking a cartoon character, a movie character, public speakers, etc. You can also try increasing or decreasing your volume when you are singing along. I know it is going to sound silly, but who cares if you are doing it alone! (Also read Why some people hate using voice messages?)

16. How to adjust the Sound?

Different occasions and situations demand a different level of sound. Therefore, you do not have to overdo yourself all the time by speaking your throat out because not every person demands the louder version of your voice. Or at least not the unpleasant version of your voice. So, lower your loudness level accordingly. (See What is the Difference Between Hearing and Listening?)

17. How to Address Underlying Nervousness?

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Do you feel anxious when talking to strangers? Are you afraid to respond to someone? If yes, then your brain is considering communication or conversation as a possible threat to you. And to fight it you need to wake up to your conscious level. However, a therapist may help if you cannot sort it out yourself. (See Why do people touch their nose while speaking?)

Now you understand how to sound louder and ways to make sound louder. Now ask your friends about what makes sounds louder and see if they know all about it. (Also read 12 Little Known Reasons and Benefits of Smiling)

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