How to slow down the aging process?

How to Slow the Aging Process? Legit Ways to Slow Down Your Body’s Aging Process
  1. Consume antioxidants

    Oxidation reactions can cause damage to body cells. Foods that contain Antioxidants inhibit oxidation and give cells longer lives. Green tea, strawberries, blackberries, walnuts and spinach are all examples of foods that contain Antioxidants.

  2. Deep sleep

    Sleeping helps the body recover. However, in order for that to happen properly a person needs to get very high quality sleep. When a person sleeps well, his body restores balance, heals wounds and helps slow down the aging process.(See How to Have a Good Night Sleep?)

  3. Exercise often

    Studies have shown that those who exercise often are more likely to live longer and age slower.

  4. Stress can make you old

    Stress can have bad effects on health. It can make a person age faster, look old and damage his internal organs. Avoiding stress or reducing it is one of the effective methods for slowing down ageing.

  5. Smoking/alcohol

    Both smoking and alcohol promote premature aging. Smoking ruins the blood vessels inside the body, resulting in a faster aging process.

  6. Balanced diet

    There are numerous benefits of a balanced diet. When the body finds all the nutrients it needs, it can stay healthy and slow down the ageing process.

  7. High quality social connections

    Loneliness can result in a feeling that could lead to deterioration in health. A high quality social life can improve moods, make emotional pain more tolerable and slow down the ageing process.

  8. Soda accelerates aging

    One study has shown that the consumption of soda on a regular basis is strongly connected with premature aging.

  9. Makeup can make the skin age faster

    Some studies have claimed that Makeup can make the skin age and wrinkle much faster.

  10. Restrict calories

    Calorie restriction is believed to have a good impact on health. When the body consumes less calories it can stay healthy for long periods of time.

  11. Drink a lot of water

    Water cleans the body from the inside and keeps the internal organs clean and healthy, thus reducing the chances of getting diseases and illnesses. (See Why you should drink more Water?)

  12. Reduce consumption of red meat

    Some studies claim that the over-consumption of red meat can reduce life expectancy.

  13. Sunlight can lead to faster aging

    People who get exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time without using sunscreen are at risk of aging much faster. The skin ages fast if it keeps getting exposed to direct sunlight.

  14. Travel

    More than one study have shown that travelling can allow aging to happen in a healthy way. Travelling was found to allow the brain to keep its cognitive strength as the person ages.

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