How to Restart Clash of Clans?

How to Start Clash of Clans from the Beginning? Why should you Join a Clan? How to Leave a Clan in War Frame? Can Clash of Clan be played on PC?
how to restart Clash of Clans

In 2012, Clash of Clans won the award for the best mobile game, and it is still well-liked today. The main gameplay elements that keep players coming back each day are: when they attack another player’s base in search of valuable resources, they destroy new troops and improve the enemy structures on the base. It regularly releases new updates and has earned 500,000+ downloads from Google Play Store. In this article, you will know how to restart Clash of Clans and how to start Clash of Clans from the beginning. Along with these, you will also get to know how to leave a clan in war frame.

1. How to Restart Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clan was developed by Supercell, and it was the main reason for the release of this iOS software in 2012. Then it was officially released on Google Play. These are some ways how to restart Clash of Clans:

  • Restarting the Device: The first step is to restart the device if it is an iOS device or an android. 
  • Creating a new game account: Here you make a new game centre account which means you log in with a new ID.  Must read why you should use decorations in Clash of Clans?

2. How to Start Clash of Clans from the Beginning?

how to restart clash of clans from the beginning

The beginning of the Clash of Clans helps you to introduce some new aspects of the game.

  • After the construction of the base, the first three days of play at the base will be safe, except you attack the other player. This would act as a protection shield. The shield continues if a player base is successfully broken. They can buy another with gems. The shield time is powerful, and it depends on the amount of damage made while the raid and the buildings are attacked.
  • Update Elixir Collectors and Gold Mines and then storage facilities for both resources. Upgrade the Town Hall for defence.
  • After you reach level 4, the defence strategy is to build the air defence and upgrade others.
  • Do not build the second storage facility until seven days. Build as many as possible to enlarge storage capacity.
  • Buy a mortar and place it in the centre of the base behind the walls. Make sure it covers all the important buildings and the areas in the compound.
  • After the three days are over, you can start defensive operations and create the Clash of Clans war strategy. 

Hope you are clear about how to start Clash of Clans from the beginning. Also, check out how to make a successful attack in Clash of Clans?

3. How to Leave a Clan in War Frame?

After knowing how to restart Clash of Clans, let’s see how to leave a clan in war frame. As a part of the war frame clan, you can allow some benefits which are not restricted to single players. Players can admit the help of their clan members when attempting the challenge. There are times when the members choose to leave their clans for any reason. Players can do it from the main game menu, and it’s simple to do so.

  • The players need to scroll down and select the communication menu from the list. This will open three options – friends, clan and inbox.
  • Click on the clan option and then search the list of clan members to locate the player’s name. After you find their name click on the name and select the option to leave the clan.
  • The game would pop up for the player to confirm if they want to leave the clan, once they confirm, the player will officially be a single player.

Do remember to collect the rewards from the war frame 8th-anniversary event. You can also read how to get free gems in Clash of Clans?

4. What is the Reason to Join the Warframe Clan?

These are some of the reasons to join the warframe clan:

  • A lot of players in warframe will decide to join or create a clan at some stage. Clans are found in a wide variety due to the social value of having other players of the same game around to play regularly.
  • Warframe has different advantages for a single player. The measure is that a player without a clan over a high level is seen as handicapped.
  • The reason for the clan is that it will have customised access to Clan Dojo. Dojo trades with the tax rate, which can be reduced up to 0%.

All these factors are enough for the players to join the warframe clan. Check out how to reduce the attacks on your village in Clash of Clans?

5. Can Clash of Clan be played on PC?

Clash of Clans Homepage

Yes, Clash of Clans can be played on PC. All you need is to have permission and cloud storage. It will help to restore the same village and the same shopping that you did while playing on your phone or laptop. Must read Why does Clash of Clans Upgrade take so long?

Clash of Clans gives players the freedom to play however they want. Additionally, it offers:

  • a single-player option that lets you practice attacking bases,
  • while the multiplayer game encourages you to attack other players for resources. Moreover, each attack yields one to three stars.

It began in 2012 and may be viewed or played on any device. I hope this helped you learn the basics of how to restart Clash of Clans, so you could start Clash of Clans from the beginning and how to leave a clan in war frame. (Also read Does Pokemon Go Need WiFi?)

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