How to Pronounce Chihuahua?

What are the Spanish and French pronunciations of Chihuahua? Is a Chihuahua dangerous? Are Chihuahuas good pets? Are Chihuahuas more dangerous than Pitbulls?
how to pronounce Chihuahua
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Dogs are the furry beasts that humans call their best friends. As such, this pair shares more in common than one might imagine. Whether it be the need for love, the yearning for fun, or the craving for food, we share certain traits. Similarly, just as humankind consists of various races, dogs have different breeds. Similar to how you pronounce Worcestershire, Chihuahua is another word you would struggle with. In this article, you will learn how to pronounce Chihuahua, Chihuahua pronunciation in Spanish and French, and witness cute Chihuahua dog breed pictures laced throughout this piece.

1. What is Chihuahua Meaning?

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According to the Oxford Dictionary, a Chihuahua is a very small dog of smooth-haired skin and a large-eyed breed. The origins of this little quadruped lie in the South American country of Mexico. Despite their Mexican roots, Chihuahuas are just as popular in Europe and the Caribbean. (See 8 Types of Good Emotional Support Dogs)

2. How to pronounce Chihuahua?

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To answer the question of how to pronounce Chihuahua, there is no one definite way. The pronunciation of Chihuahua varies from language to language and dialect to dialect.

  • American English pronunciation is Chuh-waa-wuh.
  • British English pronunciation is Chuh-waa-waa.
  • Indian English pronunciation is Chuh-vaa-vaa. Also, check out the meaning of One Two Fun Monkeys.

As you might have noticed at this point, the pronunciation of Chihuahua is quite similar across the languages. The only differences occur in the stressing or elongation of certain syllables. To simply put, if asked how to pronounce Chihuahua, remember that all pronunciations of Chihuahua sound similar to Chee-wa-wa. (See What is the Scientific Name for Pig?)

3. Why is Chihuahua Pronounced Cheewawa?

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A Chihuahua’s pronunciation is Chee-wa-wa because it originates from a language outside the English or European family. Specifically, Chihuahua is a word that originates from the language family pertinent to Central Mexico. This family is called the Nahuatl, read Na-wa-tel, and is a predecessor to Spanish. In Spanish, h before u is an indicator of the w sound. (See 21 Types of Spaniels)

4. How to Pronounce Chihuahua in Spanish?

how to pronounce Chihuahua 1
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Chihuahuas are a Mexican breed, and Spanish is the official language of Mexico. The Spanish Chihuahua pronunciation is the original one. Chihuahuas get their name from the ruined city of Chihuahua in Mexico. In Spanish, Chihuahua, unsurprisingly, the pronunciation is Chee-wa-wa, so do not be afraid of cultural appropriation for using the correct pronunciation. (Also read  What is a Group of Monkeys Called?)

5. What is Chihuahua Pronunciation in French?

French ranks fifth on the list of most-spoken languages across the world. As our list of pronunciations of Chihuahua has covered English and Spanish, French should not be too far behind. The French pronunciation is an oddball. It is Shi-ua-ua, giving it a distinctly French touch while retaining its universal similarity. (See Why Do Bunnies Hop?)

6. Are Chihuahuas good pets?

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Any dog lover would argue that every dog is a good boy/girl, and for some reason, they sound like they are talking to a cute little child. While throughout the article, the Chihuahua dog breed pictures show us that dog cuteness is heart-warming, every breed of dog has a set of behavioral traits that sets it apart. The following would be a list of pros and cons of adopting a Chihuahua:


  • Chihuahuas are easy to train.
  • Chihuahuas can exercise indoors.
  • Chihuahuas are low maintenance.
  • Being toy breeds, Chihuahuas are portable.
  • Due to their small size, Chihuahuas have a longer life span, about 15 to 16 years, unlike larger dogs which have a 12 to 13-year life span. Also, check out the benefits of getting an emotional support animal.


7. Are Chihuahuas dangerous? Are Chihuahuas more dangerous than Pitbulls?

There is no sugarcoating it. Those Chihuahuas are a wild bunch. Known for their loud barking and snarling, Chihuahuas are the dog versions of Sweet but Psycho, quoted by Ava Max. Chihuahuas have ranked as one of the world’s most aggressive breeds of dogs. So much so that Pit bulls are chilled out in comparison. Although it seems exciting to believe that Chihuahuas, the underdogs, would be more dangerous than Pit bulls, the titans, that is not the case. Despite being less aggressive, Pit bulls are the most dangerous dog breed in the world. Pit bulls have a stronger bite and are more in touch with their savage ancestral impulses than Chihuahuas. (Also read Do Dogs Feel Emotion?)

8. How Dangerous is a Chihuahua?

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Don’t be fooled by those little monsters. They may look cute and innocent in the above Chihuahua dog breed pictures, and that’s what they want you to believe. Many people have described this beloved breed as mean, bratty, and vicious. Chihuahuas have a strong scissor bite earning them the moniker of ankle-biters. When cornered or threatened, Chihuahuas tap into their aggression and put on a heavy fight. Finally, Chihuahuas forget that they are small. Chihuahuas view themselves as alpha dogs and usually act to assert their dominance in all situations. (Also read What are the Best Monkeys for Pets?)

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