How to Play Checkers and Win?

How to play Checkers and Win? Is Chinese Checkers a 3-player Game? How does a King move in Checkers? Some Basic Rule to Checkers.
how to play checkers and win
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You can always have a Win-Win situation if you learn how to play checkers and win. This game has been predominantly played across the globe. Checkers is known as the mind game. This game is just like chess. The game rules implied are a bit easy to understand and it looks like we can easily ace it. However, it is quite the opposite. A lot of thoughtful moves have to be taken while playing. This is a board game that requires two players and twelve coins of various colors. Here, we’ll go through the fundamental guidelines for playing checkers. Let’s learn how many checkers in a checker game can play and how does the king move?

1. How to play Checkers and Win? 

Understanding the concept is important when playing checkers. There are moves referred to as Captures.  You must always become familiar with the rules concerning checkers as well as the importance of each one. Always focus on the board and the actions of the opponent. In this manner, the opponent is forced to make a move against his will. For the checkers, forced captures are essential moves. (See What is Mixed Martial Arts?)

2. Game Play Basics

The basic rules of how to play checkers and win are:

  • Two people compete in a game of checkers.
  • Both the players will have 12 Coins and place them on the dark-colored squares in front of them.
  • A Black coin holder would start the game.
  • Each piece of the coin will move diagonally.
  • Single pieces will move only forward.
  • Pieces that are non-capturing will move only one square.
  • Try capturing a piece of your opponent i.e. your coin should bounce over the other person’s piece and land diagonally. When the piece of the opponent is captured, that is removed.
  • Only one piece in a single jump or one or more jumps in a single turn.
  • When your piece reaches the ultimate goal, it becomes a King and you win the game. (See What are Hat Tricks in Soccer?)

3.  Some Tips to Win the Game

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Some tips required on how to play checkers and win are:

  • Focus on the Centre: Once you are familiar with the basic rules and design of the checkers, make sure to place your coins in the center however people place their coins at the edges. This also has a reason why the pieces in the edges cannot be captured. Depends on the strategy of the player. Pushing your checkers in the edges might also be a mistake. Always focus on the center coins and from a Pyramid Shape.
  • Check the Moves: There could be some forced moves while you play the checkers game. The opponent will set you in a situation that will have a capture. You might jump your checkers without noticing them. Always keep an eye on the moves.
  • Strengthen your strategy: Always be aware of the strategy and strike your opponent from your strong side. Try defending your weak side.
  • Plan and Move: Learn the moves of your opponent first. Observe and take the time to make your next move.
  • Block coins: If you start blocking the opponent’s coins, then there is a fair chance to win.
  • Get your pieces at the edge: The final component is always strong and sits as the king. The player with the most checkers with kings wins. Your primary goal should always be to bring your checkers to the edge and create a King.
  • Trade if Necessary: There can be a trade-in term of capture. One-pieces for two can be advantageous, but not always. Also, check out how to throw a Curveball?

4. How many Checkers in a Checker game?

The checkers game can only have two participants. It has white coins and black coins. On a single board, there are 64 Light and Dark squares.

5. How many Pieces in Checkers?

Each Player will have 12 pieces, so in total it will be 24 playing pieces. (See What Pokemon Cards are Worth Money?)

6. How do you set up Checkers?

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There will be a board that will be placed with the light-colored square in the bottom right corner. As you already know, how many checkers in a checker game, the checkers for both players will be set up on dark-colored squares. Each player must have 12 checkers in their first three rows. (See How Long does the Super Bowl Last?)

7. How to play Checkers Rules? 

Following rules to be followed if you are wondering how to play checkers and win.

  • Only a single checker can move and jump forward.
  • Both players can capture.
  • The place on the other side of the checker must be open.
  • Move your checker diagonally forward i.e. towards the opponent.
  • If the squares near your checker are captured then your checker is blocked and you cannot move. (See How to Use a Hula Hoop?)

8. How does a King Move in Checkers? 

Compared to the regular checker, a king can move in any direction. It can move diagonally forward or backward with each turn. It can also be moved multiple times when jumping and changing directions. As already told, the king must make all the jumps and moves that are available on a turn. King can also be captured. (See What is a Hockey Puck made of?)

9. How to play Chinese Checkers with 3 players?

So, how to play checkers and win if played with 2 to 6 players? The rules are as follows:

  • Each player will control 1 to 3 sets of Marble.
  • Players can start playing in the triangle facing the opposite person’s triangle.
  • If 2 sets are used then every player will start with 2 sets of colored marbles on the opposite triangles.

10. How to play Checkers for Beginners?

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The Checker game board has squares of 2 colors. The board size and the total number of squares depend on the type of checkers. However, it is played on a 64-square-built board. For beginners, how to play checkers and win would be a bit different, and there are certain simple rules that would make them easy to understand.

  • A Rule book to familiarize yourself: The initial step to starting a checkers game is that you must be familiar with the rule. It could be tricky and complex, but it would become easy if you play your first game. You can play online checker games and also while you are alone.
  • Remember some special moves: While you practice make sure you remember special moves. If you are a beginner, you must learn some good moves.
  • A Strong back row: As a beginner at the checkers game always remembers to learn to have a strong back row. It is the basic rule that if the back row is strong then there are lesser chances for the coins to get captured. Not only the back rows must be focused, but also the center keeping in mind that the opponent can only attack in the corners.
  • Learn to capture: If you are a beginner, then learn how to capture your opponent’s coin. You can also put some pieces in the group and can take over half of the board. The more you capture the board, the less chance of being jumped off. 
  • Deviate your Opponent: Deviate your enemy by splitting your coins into 6 on one side of the board and 6 on the other side. You can move the pieces from different sides at each turn carefully. You can also trick the opponent by capturing his sides with forced moves.
  • Learn to trade: Trading a piece is a technique in checkers, however, if you think you are a step ahead and have more pieces on the board. Then you can trade a piece on the board.
  • Learn to Block: As a beginner, it might be difficult for you to win on the first attempt, however, it is also equally important to learn how to block your opponent and win. Must read about the best football cards to invest in.

The game of checkers is also called Droughts. The checkers board game has some basic similarities to chess. However, there are certain basic rules that have to be followed. If you follow these rules then it could be easy to win the checkers game. Also, you cannot learn how to play checkers and win and how many checkers in a checker game just by reading things. You must also practice them while playing. (See How do you Play Lacrosse?)

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