How to Make Waves on Short Hair for Guys?

What are Hair Waves and are the Hair Products helpful in making Waves? How to make Waves in Short Hair? How to make Waves overnight without Heat? Can you get Waves by making a Bun?
how to make waves on short hair for guys

Different people love different hairstyles. Some prefer straight while others like curls. There are many guys out there who have short hair and love to keep it in waves but hardly know about the trick. Well, today I will tell you about how to make waves on short hair for guys. You will also get to know about how to keep water wave hair looking wet and how to get wavy hair without heat. And for your overnight plans, you can learn how to get wavy hair overnight and how to make your hair wavy without heat overnight. 

1. What are Hair Waves?

Waves are a hairstyle for curly hair. It includes the brushing, combing, and flattening of the curls, then creating a ripple-like hair pattern. (See Is Goatee without Mustache called Amish Beard?)

2. Are Hair Products helpful in Making Hair Waves?

Hair Wave

You have a natural wave in your hair right after a shower when your hair is a bit damp. If you want to hold on to that look, then you can try out some of the following hair products. They are going to boost and hold the texture of the curls while enhancing them alongside. You need to gently towel-dry your hair after a shower and apply the product with your fingers. Make the desired style and let air-dry. (See 6 Nasal Hair Facts)

3. How to get Wavy Hair without Heat with a Salt spray?

Salt spray or sea salt spray is a way how to make waves on short hair for guys as it contains oils or conditioners to help reduce the dry effect caused by salt. You need to look out for a conditioner-based salt spray if you have naturally dry hair. And if you have oily hair, then the basic one will do the job. Work the spray through your hair and let it dry. (See Pubic Hair Wig Fashion)

4. How is a Mousse helpful?

In how to make waves on short hair for guys, it is another hair product that is similar to salt spray which you can work through your hair with your fingers. It will enhance the waves, and boost volume along with giving your hair a thicker look. It is in a foam formula that is easier to apply. (See What is a Hair Cowlick?)

5. How to make Waves on Short Hair for Guys with a Blow-Dryer?

how to make waves on short hair for guys 1

If you have straight hair and want your waves to last longer then, you can try the blow-dry method. Combine the blow-drying with hair products for a long-lasting effect. You need to twist hairs while blow-drying or before blow-drying. (See Why do older women cut their hair short?)

To do so, assemble all the things before beginning your wavy spree: i.e. your hair product, comb, hair cream, and blow-drier.

  • Apply hair product (salt spray or mousse) to your damp hair. It will act as a volume enhancer. Must read the article on 23 common makeup mistakes you must avoid.
  • Comb your hair in your preferred style.
  • Apply some hair cream and work it through. Use a comb along with it to make the rough style you want.
  • Twist your hair into small sections all across your head and use blow-dry.
  • The hair cream is going to keep them in place and the hot air will lock the shape. It will increase volume and create waves simultaneously.
  • Gently rub or scrunch the twists and keep blow-drying until the hair is completely dry.
  • Push back the dry hair waves into their place and set them with some more hair spray. (See Why do we develop grey or white hair?)

6. How to keep Water Wave Hair looking Wet?

how to make waves on short hair for guys 2

In how to make waves on short hair for guys, after spending a lot of time making those curls, you would never want them to just fade away in the middle of a party. Therefore, here are some ways to keep your water waves looking wet longer.

  • Begin with saturating your hair, to the point that water is dripping from the ends.
  • Separate the hair into four to six sections as the next step.
  • Now you need to moisturize each of these sections with a moisturizer or a lot of moisturizers.
  • Gently apply oil to each section of the hair.
  • Now brush each section separately without separating the hair.
  • Let it air dry and after it is completely dry, you have to separate the hair with your fingers. Your water wave look is ready with a wet look. (See How to slow down the greying of hair?)

7. How to get Wavy Hair Overnight?

You want to achieve a wavy hair look without heat while you sleep. Well, it is possible using a few things that come in handy, like hairpins and a soft elastic headband. Other methods involve French braid, twisty top-knot, and Bantu knots. (See 10 Side effects of Dying Hair with Henna)

8. How to make your Hair Wavy without Heat overnight with a Headband?

how to make waves on short hair for guys 4

Take a soft elastic headband for this method.

  • Divide your hair in half and place the headband horizontally on your head.
  • In how to make waves on short hair for guys, take a one-inch section of the hair and wrap it around the headband. Repeat this process with the remaining hair.
  • Keep it like this overnight, remove it in the morning, shake out your hair and you are ready. (See Why Keratin hair treatment is bad for you?)

9. How to use Hairpins to make Waves?

Roll each section of the damp hair up to the scalp. Secure each loop with the hairpins in place. Depending on the intensity of waves that you desire, you can adjust the tightness of the loops. To avoid frizzy hair, you need to wrap your head with a silk scarf overnight. (See What does it mean when a Woman flips her Hair)

10. How to make Top-knots and Bantu knots?

For a top-knot, you have to hold your damp hair upright in the position making a high ponytail. Now, start twisting the hair until it begins to form a bun. Use bobby pins or hairpins to secure this bun and leave it like this overnight.
You can make the Bantu knot in the same way, but you have to divide the hair into many sections. The various sections will begin to coil up as you keep twisting them. Secure with bobby pins and leave overnight. (See 35 Interesting Ways To Use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly)

Now you know how to make waves on short hair for guys and how to keep water wave hair looking wet. Share it with someone looking at ways how to get wavy hair without heat, how to get wavy hair overnight, and how to make your hair wavy without heat overnight. (See Why Do We Have Armpit Hair?)

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