How to Make Oobleck with Flour?

How to make Oobleck? Can you Make it with Baking Soda and Slime too? Is it safe for Kids?
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Oobleck is a suspension mixture that can be produced using cornstarch, flour, soda, slime, and other such items. Among all these, flour is most commonly used in the preparation of oobleck. Oobleck is a kind of non-Newtonian fluid, that is, it does not obey Newton’s laws of viscosity. Reading this, the major question that arises in a person’s mind is how to make oobleck with flour. Well, the process is indeed interesting. People would also be wondering how to make oobleck with baking soda or how to make oobleck with slime. Well, these two processes, although individually and quantitatively different, are still similar to making it with flour. In this article, you will learn how to make oobleck with flour.

1. What are the Materials required?

First, on how to make oobleck with flour, you need to get ready with all the containers. In oobleck production, the containers required are a medium or large-sized bowl, a spoon, a medium-sized cup, a medium-sized jar filled with water, and a packet of flour. (See Rum Ingredients)

2. How to Tend the Flour?

Fill the medium cup completely with flour, and then pour this flour into the bowl. After this, you need to stir the flour with a spoon to remove the chunks to obtain a fine texture. The process will take approximately 3 minutes to complete. (Also read Who Knows The Coca Cola Recipe?)

how to make oobleck with flour 1: how to make oobleck with flour

3. How much Water is to be Added to the Mixture?

The next step of how to make oobleck with flour is to take the medium cup once again, and half fill it with water. Now, pour this water into the bowl. Be sure to maintain a ratio of 2:1 flour to water. Otherwise, you will not get the required fluidity. Properly mix the water and flour with the help of a spoon till you get a uniform mixture. (Also read What is Yellow Mustard Made of?)

4. How to Test the Mixture?

Getting the perfect fluidity is really difficult despite all the correct measurements. Therefore, it sometimes requires a little trial and error. After mixing flour and water, touch the oobleck and see if it is too thick or too thin.

  • It is perfect if you can form a softball with your hands using the mixture.
  • Otherwise, if the ball is too hard and it is difficult to change its shape, you can say the mixture is too thick. In this case, add a few teaspoons of water and mix until you get the required fluidity.
  • If you cannot form the ball at all, the mixture is too thin. Hence, add a few teaspoons of flour and mix until you get the required consistency. (Also read How is Salt Water Taffy Made?)

5. How to Bring the Mixture into Uniformity?

Try making the oobleck mixture form into different shapes to ensure its consistency. Flatten it by kneading it and then rolling it up. After this, form it back into a ball and let it rest for a few minutes. During this time, cover it with a dry piece of cloth. Now you know how to make oobleck with flour but do you know how to store it? Read below to find out! (Also read What Does Pickle Mean?)

how to make oobleck with flour 2: how to make oobleck with flour

6. How to Store Oobleck?

As the oobleck is completely ready, take this oobleck and store it in an airtight container. If the water evaporates, it will once again lose its fluidity and become powdery. Another important thing to note is that if by chance the oobleck dries out, simply adding adequate amounts of water will bring back its fluidity. If you dispose of our oobleck, then do not wash it down the drain as it will most surely clog the drains. So, scrape it off in the garbage instead.

Once our oobleck is completed, you can play with it as much as you want. You can create different shapes and decorate them. It is completely safe for kids as well. (See Stuck a feather in his hat and called it Macaroni Meaning)

7. How can you Make Oobleck with Baking Soda or Slime?

So, you can now see that producing oobleck from flour is a pretty easy task. This brings us to our next question, how to make oobleck with baking soda. In this case, all you need is to perform one extra step. After the water is added, add 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 2 tablespoons of cream tartar. This will also produce the same oobleck but in relatively less time. To learn how to make oobleck with slime, click here. (Also read What happens when you mix Vinegar with Baking Soda?)

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