How to Make Balloon Animals Step by Step Guide?

What are Balloon Animals? What are the Different Types and Sizes of Balloons used? Which Animal designs can be made with Single and Multiple Balloons? How to make Balloon Dogs step by step?
How to make balloon animals step by step
Image by Ольга Бережна from Pixabay

In your childhood days, your grandparents must have brought animal balloons for you on your birthday. It was like a marvel for you to see balloons shaped like animals so that you could try to make them yourself too. But every time you fold the balloon, it burst. No worries, today you will learn to make balloon animals step by step. Also, about balloon animal artist, and ways to make easy balloon animals and simple balloon animals.

1. What are Balloon animals?

The shape of animals made from long inflated balloons is known as balloon animals. Various animals like dogs, horses, snakes, crabs, snails, etc. are examples. The process of making balloon animals is known as balloon twisting or balloon modeling. (See Who invented Teddy Bear?)

2. What is the Equipment used in Twisting?

Purple balloon dragon: balloon animals step by step 2
Image by Greg McMahan from Pixabay

The essential pieces of equipment needed for balloon animals step by step twisting are an assortment of balloons and an inflation device. You should take balloons in various colors and identify them by their sizes. The inflation devices can be air pumps, electronic air compressors, or your mouth. (See 7 Different Curling Sport Equipment)

3. What are the Types of Balloons?

Qualatex and Betallatex, produce high-quality twisting balloons required to make animals. Both companies produce 100% natural latex balloons. These balloons are decomposed and do not harm the environment. Also, the former produces long balloons while the latter is famous for its round balloons. (See What are Examples of Screw as a Simple Machine?)

4. What are the Different sizes of Balloons?

You need to identify the balloons by their size and the requirements of your animal balloons. The most common size available is known as 260. This balloon has a diameter of 2 inches (5 cm) and it is 60 inches (152.4 cm) long. Other sizes of long balloons available to make balloon animals step by step are 350/360, 660/646, and 160.

Similarly, round balloons are marked with R, which stands for the round. You can get 5 inches, 11 inches, and 12 inches round balloons for your balloon animals. The number given as their name denotes their diameter after inflation. (See How to Use a Hula Hoop?)

5. What are the Types of Primary Design Styles?

Balloons: balloon animals step by step 1
Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

There are two types of styles, namely single balloon modeling and multiple balloon modeling. The former uses only a single balloon, while for the latter, multiple balloons can be used depending upon the size and type of piece a person is making. (See 26 Lesser Known Wine Cork Art Ideas)

6. How are Simple balloon Animals made from a Single Balloon?

To make simple four-legged balloon animals step by step, you have to make three locking twists in the balloon.

  • The 1st twists will form the neck, nose, ears/face.
  • The 2nd twist will form the body and front legs.
  • The 3rd twist will form the back legs and tail. (See Learn How to Zentangle)

Animals like giraffes, dogs, elephants, unicorns, etc., can be made from a single balloon. (See What is a One Hump Camel called?)

7. What are the Easy Balloon Animals made from Multiple Balloons?

You can make various types of things with multiple balloons. Take a look at the list of animals you can make.

8. How to make a Dog in Balloon Animals step by step?

Balloon Kangaroo: balloon animals step by step 3
Image by Greg McMahan from Pixabay

To make this dog balloon animal step by step you will need, 260 Qualatex balloons (1) and an inflator.

Step I: Inflate the balloon: Begin with inflating the balloon but leave about 2 to 3 inches at the end non-inflated. Seal the end with a knot and you will begin from the knot side to make the twist. Note that leaving a couple of inches will give space to air for expanding. It will prevent the balloon from bursting. 

Step II: Make starting twists: From the knot measure 2 inches and make a twist. Then from the first twist, measure 1 inch and twist, then again measure 1 inch and twist. Now, you have three twists. With them, make the face and ears.

Step III: Lock the twist to make the snout and ears: Mark the first (2 inches) twist as A and the latter as B, and C. The A part will be the Snout of the dog. Bring part A against the main body of the balloon to prepare a lock twist. Part B & C are ears. Now, twist B & C together while holding part A along with the body to make a lock twist. Also, check out 8 types of good emotional support dogs.

Step IV: Make the next 3 twists: While making balloon animals step by step, keep measurements intact to ensure the size. Measure 3 inches from the end of the locked twist and again make 3 twists. Each twist must be a length of 3 inches. They will form the neck and hind (front) legs of the dog. Also, check out why do Hermit Crabs need Shells?

Step V: Lock the twist to make the neck and hind legs: Name the parts A, B, and C from the front. Just like Step 3, hold part A against the main body and twist parts B and C together to make a lock twist. After this, your balloon will look like a dog. 

Step VI: Make the next 3 twists: Again, measure 3 inches after the lock twist and make parts A, B, and C. Each part must be of 3-inches in length. Mark the remaining portion of the balloon as part D. 

Step VII: Lock twist to make rear legs and tail:  Hold part A against part D and twist parts B & C together to make a lock twist. Now you can see part D is the tail of your dog and parts B & C are the rear (back) leg. Also, check out how to make a super ball?

9. Who are the famous Balloon Animal Artist?

People skilled at making balloon animals are known as balloon animal artists. Balloon Benders, Balloon Artist, and Twisters are other names given to these artists. Several people drawn by the love of making animals with balloons were drawn to this art. However, Ralph Dewey, David Grist, and Jeff Koons are notable artists.

  • Ralph Dewey, an American balloon twister, became the first artist to popularize this form of art of making balloon animals step by step through his articles, books, DVDs, and videos. Due to this, he came to be known as the grandfather of all twisters. (See 10 Best Ventriloquist in the World)
  • David Grist was also a notable artist and after his death, David Grist Memorial Award was created to honor his contribution to the field as well as to honor the artists who devoted their lives to this art. Ralph became the first twister to win this lifetime achievement award in 2005.
  • Jeff Koons (Jeffrey Lynn Koons) is an American culturist who depicts everyday objects with his sculptures and balloon animals. His works have been portrayed in movies and documentaries. His balloon Red Dog is featured in the film night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, 2009. Also, check out when was Silly Putty invented?

Now you know about easy balloon animals, simple balloon animals, and balloon animal artist. It is time to share this balloon animals step by step information with your friends and family and you must plan a twisting session with your kids. (Also read How does a Fire Hydrant work?)

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