How to level up fast in Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans – How to Level Up Fast! What is the best way to level up in Clash of Clans?
  1. Make more upgrades

    The more upgrades you complete the more you will get experience points which can help you level up fast.

  2. Upgrade your town hall

    The more you upgrade your town hall the more experience points you will get and the faster you will level up.

  3. When you donate troops to the people in your clan you can level up. Some players recommend joining a new clan every now and then so that you can donate more troops fast.

  4. Complete the achievements

    When you complete an achievement you will get some experience points. The number of points you will get is written beside the achievement in the achievements table.

  5. Attack others aggressively

    When you destroy the town halls of others you get experience points. The more you attack others aggressively the more you are likely to gain experience points.

  6. Destroy a goblin town hall

    On the single player map, destroying a goblin town hall also gives you experience points. (See How to tell if Clan Castle is Full in Clash of Clans?)

  7. Clean obstacles

    When you clean obstacles you also get experience points. Clean up obstacles fast to get more experience points.

  8. Gather more resources

    When you gather more resources fast you will be able to make upgrades faster and as a result you will level up faster.

  9. Force upgrades completion

    Use gems whenever possible to force the upgrades to complete fast. This will help you gain experience points fast and so level up fast. (See How to find and repair the gem mine in Clash of Clans?)

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