How to keep my Kidneys Healthy?

14 Secrets to Keeping Your Kidneys Healthy | How to keep my Kidneys Healthy? Take Care of Your Kidneys

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  1. 1 Drink a lot of water

    Water cleans the body, helps the kidney get rid of harmful substances and dilutes harmful material in the blood. One of the best ways to keep your kidney health is to drink a lot of water. It's recommended that you consume between 1.5 and 2 liters each day.

  2. 2 Reduce your Salt intake

    Sodium increase blood pressure. A high blood pressure is bad for the kidney. Make sure you consume less then 2300 mg of sodium everyday (See why salt is bad for you).

  3. 3 Don't overuse medicine

    Drugs can put an additional load on the kidney. Some drugs have materials that might harm the kidney if consumed often. Whenever possible use natural healing methods instead of drugs.

  4. 4 Reduce your protein intake

    A diet that is high in protein can affect the kidney in a bad way. Make sure you don't consume more protein that your body needs.

  5. 5 Monitor your blood pressure

    You need to keep your blood pressure under monitor to make sure it stays in the safe zone not to harm your kidneys.

  6. 6 Eat fruits and vegetables

    Fruits and vegetables are known to improve the function of the kidney. Eat a balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables (See why some people become vegetarians).

  7. 7 Make regular checkups

    Making a kidney checkup every few month might be a very good idea if you have any of the risk factors that might lead to kidney problems.

  8. 8 Exercise often

    Exercising helps lower the blood pressure and so can help the kidney become healthier.

  9. 9 Beware of supplements

    Some food supplements can exhaust the kidney. Beware of food supplements especially if you consume them regularly.

  10. 10 Do not smoke or Drink

    Smoking and drinking can lead to high blood pressure which in turn can harm your kidney (See why do people smoke).

  11. 11 Eat some of those foods

    Apples, Cabbage, Garlic , Onions, Cranberries and Strawberries are known to promote a healthy body and a healthy kidney.

  12. 12 If you have diabetes, control your blood glucose level

    A large percentage of people who suffer from diabetes have kidney problems because of the uncontrolled blood glucose levels. If you have diabetes Make sure you keep your blood glucose level firmly under control.

  13. 13 Beware of foods that can increase cholesterol

    Foods that make blood cholesterol levels high can impair the function of the kidney if consumed often. Keep your blood cholesterol level under monitor if you eat foods high in cholesterol often.

  14. 14 Lose weight

    Obesity leads to a high blood pressure which might damage the kidney. If you are obese then you must lose weight to keep your kidney healthy.

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