How to increase Click-bank gravity score?

How do you increase your ClickBank gravity score? Understanding Clickbank Gravity – Bigger is Not Better
  1. Get more affiliates

    The gravity score indicates the number of affiliates who successfully made a sale using one of your hop links in the past 12 weeks. By getting more affiliates, that number will increase.

  2. Increase affiliate commission

    When you increase the commission you give to affiliates, from 25% to 50%, for example, you encourage more affiliates to promote your products, and as a result, your site’s gravity is likely to rise.

  3. Clickbank offers vendors the option to advertise their products on Clickbank, thus increasing the vendor’s chance of getting more affiliates.

  4. Change your marketplace listing

    An attractive market place listing and a catchy description is more likely to get you more affiliates. A better market place listing can make your product sound more convincing to affiliates.

  5. Increase your site’s conversion rates

    Affiliates are more likely to promote products that sell well. If your product has high conversion rates, your gravity will become higher as well. (See Methods for increasing client conversion online)

  6. Sell recurring products

    Affiliates can see the amount of recurring payments they can get when they promote your products. If the amount is appealing, affiliates will be encouraged to promote your products.

  7. Provide resources for affiliates

    Affiliates are more likely to sell your products if you provid them with the help and resources they need. Make sure your sites affiliate page is loaded with resources and information.

  8. Make your affiliate page prominent

    To attract more affiliates, your affiliate page must be placed in a clear place on your website. This will help potential affiliates discover the opportunity. (See Why Amp pages are good for your site?)

  9. Sell more to the same customers

    Using techniques such as up-selling will help you sell more products to the same customer. This can help affiliates sell more products through you and so lead to a higher gravity.

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