How to Improve Your Attention Span?

How to Increase Your Attention Span? 12 Quick Ways To Improve Your Attention Span
  1. Remove distractions

    When you are working on an important task, set your mobile phone to silent, don’t check your mails, put your iPad away and get away from any distractions that can prevent you from staying focused on your important task.

  2. Work using a timer

    If you have to finish many important tasks, use a timer and dedicate a certain amount of time for each of them. By doing so you will be more able to prevent yourself from wasting time on trivial activities.

  3. Meditate

    Meditation can help you become more focused on the moment, become more aware of your thoughts and help you increase your attention span. Try to meditate two times a week if you can.

  4. Don’t send messages while working

    Sometimes we get distracted by some important tasks, like sending important messages. Fortunately, there is a solution: whenever you remember that you have to send a certain message write down a reminder and when you have time, send them all at once.

  5. Use ear plugs

    Noise can distract you a lot and prevent you from being focused on a task. Ear plugs can help increase the attention span if you tend to work in noisy places.

  6. Don’t multitask

    While multitasking seems like a good thing, it can greatly reduce the attention span of a person. Try to focus on one task until it’s completely done then get to the next one when you finish the first.

  7. Read books

    Reading can improve the attention span especially when done in a quiet place. It might be hard in the beginning but with each book you read you will experience a noticeable improvement.

  8. Don’t check social networks very often

    Don’t check social networks often, unless there is something important. The more you distract yourself with notifications the shorter your attention span will get. (See Why unexpected things attract our attention?)

  9. Don’t grab your mobile phone unless you really need it

    Don’t grab your mobile phone unless you really need it, because usually you will find something to distract you and this will reduce your attention span.

  10. Walk in nature

    Take a walk in nature without your phone or any electronic devices. This habit can help you lengthen your attention span and make you more focused.

  11. Learn to observe

    Try to develop the habit of sitting down and observing things. You need to choose a calm and quiet place for this habit to help you increase your attention span.

  12. Spend some primitive time each day

    Spend some time each day, even if just 20 minutes, without any electronic devices. This includes your PC, tablet, laptop, smart watch, TV and anything related to technology. (See Why novel and bizarre things catch your attention?)

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