How to identify jealous people?

How to tell if someone is jealous of you? 12 signs of jealous & insecure people
  1. They will criticize you

    Jealousy is bad energy. In order for a person to feel better he will have to get rid of this energy. One of the popular ways of doing so is criticizing the people he is jealous of.

  2. They will bad mouth you

    A jealous person will usually talk about the one he is jealous of in a bad way. If you got news that someone is bad mouthing you then put in mind that he might be jealous of you.

  3. They will put you down

    A jealous person already feels that you are better than them. Many jealous people try to feel good about themselves by putting the ones they are jealous of down.

  4. Will hardly complement you

    A jealous person will hardly complement your good deeds for that can make them feel worse.

  5. Negative social media comments

    Many jealous people try to vent by writing negative comments on social media. If a person constantly attacks you through his comments then know that he might be a jealous person. (See Why some people leave negative comments on your social network posts?)

  6. Feeling good when you are sad

    A jealous person will seem happier when something bad happens to you. By watching that person’s facial expressions and body language as you talk about a bad thing that happened to you his jealousy can be detected.

  7. Direct hatred

    Some jealous people are clearer than others. They will hate you directly and make it clear. Hatred can simply mean that a person is jealous of you.

  8. They will try to prove you wrong

    Whether it’s a debate or a normal discussion the jealous person will want to achieve a victory over you by simply proving you wrong.

  9. Feeling bad when you are happy

    When you tell your good news to people the jealous ones will become very unhappy as they only feel good when they see you feeling bad.

  10. They will make fun of you

    A jealous person will try to make fun of the one he is jealous of specially in the presence of others. If a person is constantly trying to make fun of you then know that he might be jealous of you.

  11. They might try to hurt you

    A jealous person , who experiences an intense amount of jealousy, might take a further step and try to harm you. This can happen by saying bad things about you to your common boss for example. (See The Body Language of Jealousy)

  12. Won’t laugh at your jokes

    A jealous person might find it very hard to laugh at your jokes because that would be an indirect confession that you are good.

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