How to Heal Yourself Emotionally?

How to Identify a Person suffering from Emotional Pain? What are the Stages and Steps involved in the process of Emotional Healing?
How to Heal Yourself Emotionally

Pain is a word, a feeling, and an emotion we all must have felt. Pain can be physical, mental, or emotional. Few of us express it openly while others choose to bear it silently. Some situations break us emotionally, and we find it difficult to move on. We all need to understand when we or others are suffering from emotional pain. Then, learn how to heal yourself emotionally, the emotional healing process, and the various stages of emotional healing involved. So, continue reading!

1. What is Emotional Healing?

It is a phase of our lives where we feel the pain from inside. But still, we manage to do our everyday chores along with it. When we do not let all the negative thoughts and emotions interfere with our present life and moments, it is known as emotional healing. It can be defined as the ability of our brain to take control of painful emotions and feelings. (See What is an Unhealthy Relationship?)

2. What are the Stages of Emotional Healing?

The healing process involves the following stages the person undergoes to finally free themselves from pain:

  • The first and foremost stage is Suffering. We suffer emotionally, mentally, and physically during this period which overwhelms us. There is no fixed time for how long a person stays in this stage because every person has their own way of handling pain.
  • The next stage we enter is Awareness. It is necessary to understand the pain because it gives us an idea of how to heal yourself emotionally.
  • Next, we enter the phase of Confrontation, which means that we are ready to face those emotions and feelings which we have been avoiding for so long. In this, we can have a face-to-face talk with the person we want, like our friends, family, or partner.
  • The phase of Expression what we feel comes next. it could be done through words, actions, or emotions and is essential to vent out. We should cry if we feel like crying, and we should express our anger and disappointment if this is necessary for healing.
  • A Resolution towards letting things go is our next step. We should open our minds and heart and let go of all the negative memories, emotions, or grudges if any. Holding on to these will only cause more pain.
  • Clarity is the next phase in which we are able to see things more clearly than before. Since we let our heart and mind cleanse from the past, we now see what is good for us and what should be our next step towards healing. 
  • As we decide to move on to the path of a new journey, we enter the phase of Transformation. It includes our decision about improvising or innovating ourselves.
  • The last stage of how to heal yourself emotionally is being grateful. Gratitude comes when we reach the end of the tunnel once we realize what we learned & gained through our past experiences. We feel thankful for the situations that have taught us who is loyal to us. We discovered ourselves as well as our trusted circle through this period. (See 7 Stages of Grief after Breakup)

3. How to Heal Yourself Emotionally?

Understanding the different phases is good but it will get better only when we take charge of healing ourselves. We are responsible for ourselves, and nobody is bound to do so for us. Therefore, move ahead as follows:

  • Locate the reason for this unrest in your mind and heart and express it if necessary.
  • Sometimes, isolation is helpful. However, when things do not feel right after being isolated, then getting help is the best option. Talking to friends or even a therapist is absolutely normal which also takes care of your mental health.
  • Engage in activities like exercising or meditation to find inner peace.
  • Incorporate some hobbies into your routine, like learning new skills, such as knitting, craft, painting, music, etc.
  • Never hold on to painful feelings but never forget what they taught you. Learning from past experiences is very helpful and essential.
  • How to heal yourself emotionally? Begin respecting yourselves and your emotions before expecting others to do so.
  • Treating yourself to a spa day out or a trekking holiday can be a good choice.

You should focus and value the present while maintaining an honest relationship with yourself.  (Must read 10 Golden Rules of Life)

how to heal yourself emotionally 1: how to heal yourself emotionally

4. What are the Benefits of the Emotional Healing Process?

Someone once said pain is the phase that is important for human beings to develop into a stronger version of themselves. The following are a few benefits we get from the process of emotional healing.

  • The entire process makes us stronger mentally because it boosts our survival skills confidence.
  • Crying helps us relieve pain in our souls. With tears, our affection or emotions that are no longer used to us are also wiped away.
  • We finally learn to forgive others and it helps us heal faster.
  • During the restoration phase, we make a few decisions for changing our lives in a better way. It makes our perspective more clear and optimistic. (See Why are some people very pessimistic?)

5. How to Identify a Person Suffering from Emotional Pain?

There are several situations leading to emotional pain, and often, we are not even aware that our near and dear ones are suffering from this pain. We need to understand the signs of emotional pain and help them on how to heal themselves emotionally.

  • A person will show a sudden change in behavior.
  • They might seem hyper or look distressed by petty things which never affected them earlier.
  • They will stop caring about themselves and sometimes even do risky things.
  • One common trait of such people to be noticed is that they suddenly isolate themselves from everyone. An introvert person is usually not very outgoing, but they also have some common friends with whom they keep in touch, but distancing from them is also a matter of concern. (See How does it feel like to be depressed?)
  • They lose their appetite and find it hard to sleep peacefully.
  • This, in turn, hampers their concentration, and they are unable to focus on their studies, office work, or at home. 

To sum up, they might become rude or silent all of a sudden. I hope this self-help guide on how to heal yourself emotionally with the emotional healing process helped you. After all, health is wealth, right! (See What is the Difference Between Hearing and Listening?)

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