How to have open body language?

How to Communicate With Body Language? How to have open body language?
  1. Don’t cross your arms

    Crossing the arms is a closed body language gesture, which could mean that you are uncomfortable, shy, anxious or offended. Always keep your arms uncrossed to maintain an open body language. (See Why do people fold their arms while communicating with others?)

  2. Don’t cross your legs

    Leg crossing is a closed body language gesture that could signal fear and discomfort. Putting one leg above the other is not considered closed body language, but crossing the legs is.

  3. Show your palms

    Showing your palms while speaking is considered a sign of honesty in body language. Try to occasionally show your palms while talking to add more openness to your body language.

  4. Remove obstacles

    Don’t put big objects between you and the person you are talking to. If you are sitting on a table then don’t put a big bag on the table. Any obstacle placed between you and the person can give the impression that you don’t want open communication.

  5. Don’t hold objects to your chest

    Don’t hold big objects to your chest while talking to people. This is similar to crossing your arms while talking to them and it gives the impression that you are not that comfortable or friendly.

  6. Relax your body

    The more relaxed your body is, the more open your body language will appear to be. Learn how to be relaxed around people and your body language will seem more open.

  7. Don’t cover your mouth

    Covering the mouth in body language gives the impression that you are not that trusting. Keep your hands beside you or use them while talking, but never cover your mouth.

  8. Maintain eye contact

    Maintaining eye contact most of the time will make the person you are talking to more relaxed. Eye contact signals openness, whereas lack of it can lead to trust concerns.

  9. Get closer to the person

    Getting closer to the person, without invading their personal space, is a sign of openness and friendliness in body language. (See What is personal space in body language?)

  10. Sit next to them

    If you are sitting on a table, sit next to the person and not in front of them. According to a study, sitting next to the person makes you seem more friendly and less competitive.

  11. Take up space

    Stretch your body so that you take up space. This can make you seem more comfortable, confident and friendly.

  12. Tilt your head

    If you tilt your head slightly to one side while listening to a person then you will be sending them a signal that you are interested in the conversation.

  13. Don’t put your hands in your pocket

    To make your body language as open as possible, avoid putting your hands in your pockets because this can make you seem less trustworthy.

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