How to Have a Good Night Sleep?

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep? How to Have a Good Night Sleep? Proven Tips to Sleep Better at Night
  1. Make your room cave dark

    Your body was designed to sleep well in dark caves. Your room should be cave dark for your body to relax and sleep well.

  2. Turn off all electronic devices

    Electronic devices Including your TV can disrupt your sleep quality and prevent you from getting into deep sleep.

  3. Don’t play with your phone right before going to sleep

    Studies have shown that people who check their phones for some time before they go to sleep have a harder time sleeping well than those who don’t. Keep your mobile phone away from your bed.

  4. Avoid caffeinated drinks starting noon

    Coffee, Tea and other caffeinated drinks can disrupt sleeping quality even if you drank them hours before going to sleep. Cut down caffeine consumption at least 6 hours before your sleeping time.

  5. Make sure you want to wake up

    If you hate your job or have a very unpleasant task the next day, your mind might prevent you from sleeping in order to prevent you from reaching the next day quickly. (See Why do we have dreams at night?)

  6. Adjust the room temperature

    If you are feeling too cold or too hot then you might have some problems falling asleep. Try to adjust the room’s temperature before going to sleep.

  7. Free some time to think about your problems

    Most people have busy lives. They only find time to think about their problems when they get into bed. In order to prevent this from happening, you need to find some time during the day to worry about your problems so that you don’t worry about them in bed Why sleeping before an important decision is good.

  8. Smoking & Drinking reduce sleeping quality

    In addition to their other bad effects, smoking and drinking reduce sleeping quality.

  9. Sleep early

    Each sleeping hour before midnight is more effective than each sleeping hour after midnight. In short, sleep as early as you can.

  10. Make sure your bed & pillow are comfortable enough

    Sometimes the sleeping problem happens because of poor sleeping conditions. Make sure your bed and pillow are comfortable enough so that your mind never worries about them.

  11. Make sure you stay away from noise

    Make sure you are sleeping in a calm place. Your brain is very sensitive to sounds during sleep and any unwanted noise can disrupt sleeping quality.

  12. Exercise at the right time

    Excising is known to help the body relax at night but don’t do the mistake of exercising late at night for this can lower your sleep quality.

  13. Cure your fear of darkness

    If you fear darkness then you might find yourself unable to sleep in a dark room. This of course reduces the quality of the sleep you are getting. Get rid of that phobia so that you can sleep in a totally dark room.

  14. Don’t eat too much right before sleeping

    You don’t want your stomach to be very active during night for that can prevent you from sleeping well. Make sure you eat a light snack at dinner.

  15. Avoid sugar few hours before you go to sleep

    Sugary food gives instant energy boosts. Not only will such food turn into unwanted fats but it will also prevent you from falling asleep quickly.

  16. Don’t use your computer at night

    Stop using your computer or tablet at least 2 hours before you go to sleep. The electrical signal from such devices can disrupt your sleeping quality. (See Why reading makes you sleepy?)

  17. Wake up early

    When you wake up early you will easily feel sleepy at night and you will fall asleep faster.

  18. Wake up at the same time everyday

    In order for your biological clock to run well you need to wake up at the same time everyday. When that happens your mind will get used to your sleeping time and your body will adjust itself to the clock.

  19. Get direct sunlight as soon as you wake up

    Sunlight signals your brain to adjust it’s biological clock and mark the start of the day. If you first see sunlight in the afternoon, then you will have a problem falling asleep at night.

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