How to get the Scorpion key & Shotgun in Resident Evil 7?

How do you get the shotgun in Resident Evil 7? Where is the scorpion key on Resident Evil 7?
  1. Go to the bathroom in 2f

    Go the bathroom in 2F. You will be after the wooden statue, which is needed for the scorpion key and the shotgun.

  2. Get the wooden statue

    Empty the bathtub and you will find the wooden statue under the water. Take the wooden statue.

  3. Escape from Jack

    Jack will ambush you as you try to get out of the door. At this point, you can’t defeat him so just try to run to save your bullets.

  4. Go back to the main hall – 1F

    Go back to the main hall in 1F. Search for a small pillar where you will be able to place the wooden statue above.

  5. Place the wooden statue properly

    Place the wooden statue so that you create a shadow that is aligned with the picture of the eagle. Once you believe you’ve done it, don’t forget to press X.

  6. Get the scorpion key – B1

    A hidden path will open that will help you reach a shortcut to the basement. Get in the basement until you reach a nameless area near the processing area. You will find the scorpion key on the table. (See How to Solve the Happy Birthday Puzzle using Ethan – Resident Evil 7)

  7. Get the broken shotgun

    Go to grandma’s room in 2F. Right next to the door, you will find the broken shotgun.

  8. Replace the shotgun

    Head back to the main hall in 1F and get into the shotgun room. Take the shotgun then replace it with the broken shotgun. Now you can leave the room with the shotgun. (See The three Dog heads location in Resident Evil 7)

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