How to Fold a Pocket Square

What is a pocket square? What are the different types? How to fold a pocket square?
how to fold a pocket square

1. What is a Pocket Square?

A pocket fold is a small piece of fabric that is usually rectangular and fits into the breast pocket of a jacket to enhance the visual appearance based on the occasion. So, fold a pocket square to add a flair to your look.  

2. What is the difference between a Pocket Square and a Handkerchief?

In rare cases, the cleanest handkerchief can be used as a pocket square, but in general, they are not the same. The pocket square enhances the appearance of the attire, while handkerchiefs are used for general purposes. (See Why many people choose to wear branded clothes?)

3. How to Select a Pocket Square?

This remains the most asked question: Should a tie and pocket square be matching? Though research shows that people tend to match their tie and pocket square. However, from a designer’s viewpoint, matching them is not a good idea. Instead, the purpose of the pocket square is to complement the rest of your outfit. So, you should choose and fold a pocket square according your outfit.

For instance, if your pocket square has a darker shade pattern, match it with a lighter tone patterned shirt. Similarly, if the pocket square has a lighter shade pattern, choose a darker shade of shirt.

4. What are the most commonly used Patterns?

If you are wearing a navy shirt, try to match it with a subtle tone pocket square such as cream or beige. Otherwise, if you wish to wear a grey jacket, then try and pair it with a golden or brown pocket square. When going on with the shades of brown, try and pair it up with shades of red or blue. (Also read Why Steve Jobs used to wear the same clothes?)

5. What are the Different Ways to fold a pocket square?

Theories have shown that most pocket squares work the best with a square pocket. A folded square pocket fills up the width of the pocket at the point where it emerges. Otherwise, it would spill out or bulge from the pocket. In totality, there are nine ways to fold a pocket square, namely –

  • The presidential pocket square: Most commonly used to induce formality.
  • One-fold pocket square: Most commonly used to give the attire a casual look.
  • Two-point fold square pocket: It is used amongst business professionals.
  • Three-point fold: It gives an elegant and crisp business-appropriate fold.
  • Cagney fold: Mostly used in the fabric that is both thin and crisp, such as linen.
  • Puff fold: The stylish one with wrinkles and dimples.
  • Winged Puff fold: The best-peaked fold for a soft, low friction pocket, ensuring a no crease crisp.
  • Scallop fold: Most popular in weddings and celebrations and is commonly used in glossy and colorful fabrics.
  • Dunaway fold: The simplest fold with a slight puff and a fringy shape, that makes it look like a flower and a bursting cracker.

In addition to the nine methods discussed above, there are several other ways to fold a pocket square, which varies according to the occasion and style. So, make sure to use a pocket fold according to the occasion you are dressing up for.

6. What is the Monochromatic Pocket Square?

The monochromatic look is effortless and is the most classic combination to pull off while styling a suit. This is achieved by dressing in the shades of a single colour hence, monochrome. (See Why some people wear summer clothes in the winter?)

7. Which Fabric makes the Best Pocket Squares?

Silk pocket squares are considered the best because they are easy to store and have a smooth, luxurious, and shimmery touch. Further, they are considered the best choice as they are versatile and durable. The soft and puffy edges add to the shine and glow. Further, due to their super-thin nature, silk pocket squares fit as per the pocket size.

8. What are Pocket Square Etiquettes?

While there are many ways one can wear a pocket square, there are also some rules that you should follow when you fold a pocket square.

  • Do not wear a pocket square when you are heading to a somber event or a funeral.
  • Ensure that the pocket squares complement the tie rather than just match it. Coordinate a pocket square as per the tie to add a formal and elegant look to the attire. It gives a better aesthetic appearance to the attire.
  • Pocket squares were primarily used for guests attending formal events. The classic pocket squares style depends upon the event. So, ensure wearing appropriate pocket square look for the event.
  • The Pocket square goes well with shirts as well, depending upon the occasion to suit the shirt. But never add a pocket square to an overcoat, coat, or skirt.
  • Although, while imaging the attire, wearing a pocket square without a tie might look fine. But, if you are going to a formal event, never wear a pocket square without a tie.
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