How to Defeat Clan Castle Troops in Clash of Clans

How To Take Out The Enemy Clan Castle Troops | How to Defeat Clan Castle Troops – Clash of Clans
  1. Figure out the Troops

    Before you even think of defeating a castle troop in Clash of Clans, you need to ensure whether the castle has troops or not. In order to figure out the troops of a particular castle, you need to put a single unit near the castle and check if its showing any troops.

  2. Defeat them away from town

    If you find any troops showing up, place your troops away from the buildings but near the castle or the wandering troops.

  3. Some units engage instantaneously

    Some units, such as Archers engage promptly with Clan Castle troops. While usually Giants will ignore them and move towards the defences.

  4. Barbarians are effective

    Clan Castle troops can entirely be smashed with the help of Barbarians.

  5. Circle them

    Once you lure your Clan Castle troops away from the defenses, place your castle troops in a circle around them. (See Why is Clash of Clans bad for you?)

  6. Do not use all the troops

    Always name sure that you have not used all the troops in one go.

  7. Witches are good

    If you have reached a level where you have got a privilege to use the witches, make sure to add them in your troops which could immensely help you in the battle.

  8. Use a Lightening spell

    Always ensure that you are using the lightening spell in the right direction and position which will help you kill all defense troops.

  9. Drop your troops far

    It is vital to dropping your troops to a place that is far off to make an effective bait for the defense troops. (See Why is the clash of clans so addictive?)

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