How to connect Bluetooth Headphones to your Android device?

How to pair Bluetooth headphones with an Android phone? Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Android devices?
  1. Activate the headset

    The first that needs to be done is activating the headset. Once you insert the headphones in your ears, you would be able to hear a beeping sign once you switch the headphones on. If you do not hear any sound or it does not work, put it on charge for 30 minutes and try again.

  2. Activate the Android Bluetooth

    As the headphones are switched on, now you are required to activate or switch on the Bluetooth option on your android device. Without any trouble, you would be able to search the top menu’s Bluetooth option when you pull it down.

  3. Long press on the function button of the headset

    Usually, headsets have a function button, and there would be two volume buttons. In fact, almost all the headphones would consist of a function button; you need to long-press on it until the headphone’s light starts to flash blue.

  4. Discover the new device

    When you activate the Bluetooth on your android device, you would see the headset name or its initials. In case if the name of the device does not show up, then you should try to refresh the Bluetooth of your device. (See How to Connect VR Box to PC?)

  5. Connect to the headset

    Once the Bluetooth name comes on your android device, you would be easily able to connect with headphones. Press on the headset to connect with it. Usually, all the headsets let you connect with the device as soon as you press the connect button. Various devices have the feature to connect with the device using the throw-option.

  6. Some devices have a password

    Numerous devices would ask you to enter the password when you try to connect. Normally, their passwords are pretty easy like 0000, 1234, etc. and are 4 digits. If it does not connect with this kind of password, you can check the box or the headphones’ website to connect with your device. It also comes with a feature of changing the password as per your convenience.

  7. Make sure you hear the beep

    Almost all the headphones would give you a beep sound once connected. But there are a few devices that only blink with different color lights. Both these signs imply that the device has been connected with the headphones. (See How to connect Android Studio with Bitbucket Git repository across multiple computers)

  8. Check the function buttons

    Many devices come with faulty buttons like the function buttons and volume buttons. Also, a few devices come with special settings for the button like a long press on the volume-up to change the track. You should always check your buttons while purchasing; in case if there is any fault in your headset buttons, you should contact your manufacturer.

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