How to connect Bluetooth Headphones to your Android device?

How to pair Bluetooth headphones with an Android phone? Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Android devices?

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  1. 1 Activate the headset

    Once you activate the headset while it's in your ear, you should be able to hear a beep. If it doesn't work, try charging it for 30 minutes before using it again.

  2. 2 Activate the Android Bluetooth

    Activate your the bluetooth option on your Android device. That can be easily accessed from the top menu when you pull it down.

  3. 3 Long press on the function button of the headset

    Most headsets have a function button and two volume buttons. However, the most common among them is the function button. Long press on that button until the light of the headset starts flashing blue.

  4. 4 Discover the new device

    On the screen of your Android device, you will find the headset name or its initials. However, if you don't, try refreshing your device's bluetooth.

  5. 5 Connect to the headset

    Press on the headset to connect with it. Most headsets will let you connect to them as soon as you press on it. That also usually comes with the ability to connect to the device from the headphones using the throw-option.

  6. 6 Some devices have a password

    Some devices have a password that you have to enter. Most passwords are simple 4-digit codes such as 0000 or 1234. However, you should check the package box or the website of the headset in order to connect to your phone. You can possibly change the password through your Android device later on.

  7. 7 Make sure you hear the beep

    Most headsets will give you a special beep once they connect to the Android device. However, you should also keep in mind that some devices will only blink with a different color. That means that your device is connected.

  8. 8 Check the function buttons

    Some devices come with faulty buttons such as the function button and volume buttons. Some devices will come with special settings for the buttons as well such as a long press on a volume-up to change track. Check your buttons and contact your manufacturer in case of error.

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