How to Clean Your Teddy Bear at Home?


Can You Wash Teddy Bears? How to clean big size Teddy bear at home?

  1. Check the label for guidelines

    Before doing anything you should check the label on the teddy bear for the washing guidelines in order not to damage anything.

  2. Remove its clothing

    If the teddy bear is wearing clothes then you need to remove them so that they don’t get tangled during the wash.

  3. Repair the holes

    If the teddy bear has any holes then make sure you repair them first before washing.

  4. Hot water should be avoided

    Hot water can damage the delicate fabrics of the teddy bear. Avoid using hot water to wash them.

  5. Clean with warm water and soap

    Teddy bears could be cleaned easily by being dipped back and forth in warm water with soap. The teddy bear should be rinsed afterwards with clean water to wash away all the soap. (See How Hot is Lukewarm?)

  6. Use spray for delicate teddy bears

    Delicate teddy bears can be cleaned with a spray bottle containing water and fabric softener. The Teddy bear should be sprayed and cleaned with a piece of cloth.

  7. Non-stuffed wool/foam teddy bears

    If the teddy bear isn’t old and weak it can be washed in the washing machine using the delicate mode. If the teddy bear is too old then the washing machine might tear it.

  8. Cleaning with a sponge and cleaning powder

    A cleaning powder should be put on a wet sponge and then the teddy bear should be rubbed gently with it. It should be rinsed afterwards with clean water then dried in a non-humid place. (See How old is Barbie?)

  9. Removing dust

    The teddy bear should be shaken in a pillow bag with some talcum powder to remove the bad smells from it, and then vacuumed by a portable vacuum cleaner. This method works if the teddy bear is just dusty.

  10. Extra protection

    You can wash the teddy bear in a net laundry bag or pillowcase for more protection.

  11. Killing dust mites

    You can place the teddy bear in a plastic bag then place it in the freezer to kill dust mites. The teddy bear should be left for about a week.

  12. How to dry them

    Teddy bears should be dried with a towel first and then hung until they fully dry. Leaving teddy bears to dry naturally in the sun is a good idea.

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