How to choose a domain name for your website?

How to Choose a Domain Name? 17 tips for choosing the perfect domain name!
  1. Avoid dictionary words

    Contrary to common beliefs, dictionary words are no good in differentiating your brand since other competitors will usually come up with similar names, and your customers will then get confused between all of those similar choices.

  2. Make it very short

    7 characters or less would be optimum. People’s attention spans are much shorter than they were years ago. Short names get remembered fast and help in making your brand stand out in a cluttered world.

  3. Let it reflect your core values

    Speeli is a platform for finding information fast. How fast can you pronounce speeli? Your domain name should reflect your brand personality and core values if possible.

  4. Let it end with .com

    It is very tempting to choose the name you want, but it’s a fact that people still can’t take domain names that don’t end with .com so seriously. Most people will also type .com After the name without bothering to find out whether your domain name has another ending or not. (See What are other websites like

  5. No longer than two syllables

    Domain names that have two or three syllables max are more likely to be remembered than the ones that have more. ‘FaceBook’ is a good example when it comes to the number of syllables.

  6. Easy to write when heard

    The best domain names are the ones that can be written down correctly when heard over the phone. If people can hear your domain name over the phone and spell it correctly, then it’s a good one. Bad example:

  7. Has no numbers

    Domain names that have numbers don’t look professional and aren’t taken very seriously. Example

  8. Avoid Hyphens

    Domain names that have hyphens are less likely to be remembered correctly. People can easily confuse the brain with the hyphens, or forget about them all together, and end up on a competitor’s site.

  9. Avoid unnecessary words

    Don’t use ‘The’ , ‘My’, ‘Your’ or any other words that won’t add to the meaning, unless there is a compelling reason to do so.

  10. Pronouncing it should give a pleasant feeling

    According to some neuroscience studies, if a person feels pleasure while pronouncing a name, they are very likely to remember it.

  11. Words that Rhyme are easily remembered

    According to recent brain studies words that rhyme are more likely to be remembered that words that don’t. If your domain name can rhyme with the slogan or with it’s own words, then this will give your brand an edge.

  12. Examples of great domain names,,, &

  13. Examples of bad domain names,,,

  14. Don’t imitate brandnames

    Copying brand names or creating domain names with similar words will only result in letting people think that your website is just an unprofessional copy of the original thing. will be considered a cheap imitation of Facebook even if it offers something different. (See Why Do I Have to Pay for a Domain Name?)

  15. Let it stand out

    The internet has so many websites. In order for your site to stand out your domain name should be very different than those of your competitors.

  16. Make it relevant

    While it is recommended that you avoid dictionary words still you need to make sure that your domain name is somehow relevant to your business. Even if you invented a new word make sure it reflects to a certain extent your business nature.

  17. Keywords don’t matter much

    Long ago Domain keywords used to have a significant impact on ranking. As SEO evolved those keywords became less and less important in ranking. Choose a name that matches your business values and don’t try to pick a keyword for the purpose of ranking.

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